RCH-2: The Diffraction and Emission Spectroscopy Hutch

Please note: experiments with radionuclides are currently possible only within the general ESRF limits. We plan to convert DESH into a nuclear experimental station with the same limits as in RCH within the next years. 

The core equipment is a six-circle goniometer for  diffraction experiments (currently available) and a secondary monochromator for high-resolution XANES and XES measurements (available in 2017).

Fig. 1: View of the DES Hutch with the 6-circle goniometer.

Experimental Techniques

  • High resolution powder diffraction (HRXRD) (currently available)
  • Crystal truncation rods (CTR) (available from 2016)
  • Resonant anomalous X-ray reflectivity (RAXR) (available from 2016)
  • High-resolution X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy (HRXANES) and X-ray emission spectroscopy (XES) (available from 2017)


  • six-circle design (built by HUBER)
  • horizontal and vertical scattering plane
  • high load on sample position (15 kg)
  • sample mounting on x-y-z slide, capillary holders or extra goniometer heads
  • all motions driven by stepper motors and gear boxes
  • angular accuracy better than 0.001° (step 0.0001°)
  • translation accuracy in z: 1 µm and in x and y: 10 µm
  • SPEC-controlled


  • scintillation detector
  • Si-DRIFT detector
  • 2-dimensional position sensitive detector (Pilatus 100k)