Dr. Tom Weier

Head Liquid metal battery
Phone: +49 351 260 2226

Experiments with Liquid Metal Battery Cells

Our battery lab enables the electrochemical investigation of liquid metal electrodes and molten salt electrolytes.

Scheme of a liquid metal battery cell (English version)

Scheme of a liquid metal battery cell (English version)

Foto: ©Michael Nimtz

For experiments, small cells are build and tested under argon atmosphere in the glove box.

Our lab devices include:

  • Double preparation- and testing box (glovebox with controlled temperature and regeneration system: O2/H2O<0,1ppm)
  • Mass spectrometer with capillary inlet in the glovebox
  • High-temperature/ultra-high-vacuum recipient for preparation and experiments
  • Laser-induced breakdown spectrometer (Aryell200 optics)
  • Laboratory furnaces
  • Potentiostates
  • Keithley Sourcemeter

The electrochemical experiments and the development of liquid metal batteries include:

  • Optimization of electrode pairing
  • Testing of low melting salt mixtures
  • Testing of material combinations of electrodes/electrolytes/collectors/isolators
  • In-situ measurement of gas evolution (during cell cycling or melting salt mixtures)
  • Long term cycling of cells