Dr. Sven Eckert

Head Magneto­hydro­dynamics
Phone: +49 351 260 2132

Experimentelle Einrichtungen

Foto: DRESDYN Fig. 3 ©Copyright: Dr. Frank Stefani


The DREsden Sodium facility for DYNamo and thermohydraulic studies (DRESDYN) is an infrastructure project devoted both to large scale liquid sodium experiments with geo- and astrophysical background, as well as to investigations of various energy related ­techno­logies.
Foto: LIMMCAST-plant ©Copyright: Dr. Klaus Timmel

Continuous Casting Liquid Metal Model

The LIMMCAST facility is used to investigate the process of continuous casting of metals and to improve it by applying properly designed electromagnetic fields.
Foto: Battery Laboratory with Glovebox ©Copyright: Dr. Michael Nimtz

Battery Laboratory

Our battery lab enables the electrochemical investigation of liquid metal electrodes and molten salt electrolytes.
For experiments, small cells are build and tested under argon atmosphere in the glove box.
Foto: Multimag Objektbild ©Copyright: Thomas Gundrum

Multi purpose Magnet Field System

The MULTIMAG (MULTIpurpose MAGnetic field system) facility can be used for the research on magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) phenomena.MULTIMAG can be used to combine rotating, travelling, pulsating and static magnetic fields. Because no ferromagnetic materials are used, any linear superposition of various field types is possible.
Foto: X Ray Setup ©Copyright: Dr. Natalia Shevchenko

X-ray visualisation of solidification and two-phase phenomena

X-ray absorption contrast techniques are an important diagnostic tool to investigate solidification processes or liquid metal two-phase flows in metallic alloys. X-ray visualisation enables a general, intuitive understanding of flow phenomena or pattern formation in opaque liquid metals.
Foto: Sodium facility ©Copyright: Dr. Nico Krauter

The Experimental Sodium Loop at the HZDR

The Experimental Sodium Loop at the HZDR - NATtrium-VersuchsANlage NATAN)

Flüssigmetallkreislauf mit Blei (ELEFANT), Flüssigmetalllabor (InGaSn, PbSn, BiSn, Li), Elektrolytkanal, diverse Magnetsysteme (DC- und AC-Felder), etc.