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Structural materials - journal publications

Bonny, G.; Bakaev, A.; Olsson, P.; Domain, C.; Zhurkin, E. E.; Posselt, M.
Interatomic potential to study the formation of NiCr clusters in high Cr ferritic steels
Journal of Nuclear Materials 484(2016), 42-50

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Ion-beam induced atomic mixing in isotopically controlled silicon multilayers
Journal of Applied Physics 120(2016), 185701

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Influence of phonon and electron excitations on the free energy of defect clusters in solids: A first-principles study
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Atomistic study on mixed-mode fracture mechanisms of ferrite iron interacting with coherent copper and nickel nanoclusters
Journal of Nuclear Materials 472(2016), 20-27

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Transmission electron microscopy investigation of the microstructure of Fe-Cr alloys induced by neutron and ion irradiation at 300ºC
Journal of Nuclear Materials 474(2016), 88-98

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Alternative fabrication routes toward oxide dispersion strengthened steels and model alloys
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 47A(2016), 5313-5324

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Effect of neutron flux on the characteristics of irradiation-induced nanofeatures and hardening in pressure vessel steels
Acta Materialia 104(2016), 131-142

Altstadt, E.; Serrano, M.; Houska, M.; Garcia-Junceda, A.
Effect of anisotropic microstructure of a 12Cr ODS steel on the fracture behaviour in the small punch test
Materials Science and Engineering A 654(2016), 309-316

Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Hernandez-Mayoral, M.; Kögler, R.; Müller, G.; Ulbricht, A.
Irradiation hardening of Fe-9Cr-based alloys and ODS Eurofer: effect of helium implantation and iron-ion irradiation at 300 °C including sequence effects
Journal of Nuclear Materials 470(2016), 258-267

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Fabrication and characterization of oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) 14Cr steels consolidated by means of hot isostatic pressing, hot extrusion and spark plasma sintering
Journal of Nuclear Materials 472(2016), 206-214

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Critical evaluation of the small punch test as a screening procedure for mechanical properties
Journal of Nuclear Materials 472(2016), 186-195

Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Altstadt, E.
Ion irradiation combined with nanoindentation as a screening test procedure for irradiation hardening
Journal of Nuclear Materials 472(2016), 196-205

Götze, A.; Makowski, S.; Kunze, T.; Hübner, M.; Zellbeck, H.; Weihnacht, V.; Leson, A.; Beyer, E.; Joswig, J.-O.; Seifert, G.; Abrasonis, G.; Posselt, M.; Fassbender, J.; Gemming, S.; Krause, M.
Tetrahedral amorphous carbon coatings for friction reduction of the valve train in internal combustion engines
Advanced Engineering Materials 16(2014), 1226-1233

Hilger, I.; Bergner, F.; Ulbricht, A.; Wagner, A.; Weißgärber, T.; Kieback, B.; Heintze, C.; Dewhurst, C. D.
Investigation of spark plasma sintered oxide-dispersion strengthened steels by means of small-angle neutron scattering
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 685(2016), 927-935

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Direct Depth- and Lateral- Imaging of Nanoscale Magnets Generated by Ion Impact
Scientific Reports 5(2015), 16786

Wiltner, A.; Klöden, B.; Hilger, I.; Weißgärber, T.; Kieback, B.
Comparison of Consolidation Routes for Mo-Si-B Materials Prepared by Using Nitride Containing Powders
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 98(2015)11, 3569-3575

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Epitaxial Post-Implant Recrystallization in Germanium Nanowires
Crystal Growth & Design 15(2015), 4581-4590

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Atomic transport during solid-phase epitaxial recrystallization of amorphous germanium
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Towards safe long-term operation of reactor pressure vessels
atw - International Journal for Nuclear Power 60(2015)5, 287-293

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First-principles calculation of defect free energies: General aspects illustrated in the case of bcc-Fe
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Radiation and annealing response of WWER 440 beltline welding seams
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Investigations on in-vessel melt retention by external cooling for a generic VVER-1000 reactor
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Radiation response of the overlay cladding from the decommissioned WWER-440 Greifswald unit 4 reactor pressure vessel
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Post-irradiation annealing behaviour of neutron-irradiated FeCu, FeMnNi and FeMnNiCu model alloys investigated by means of small-angle neutron scattering
Journal of Nuclear Materials 454(2014), 22-27

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III-V/Si on silicon-on-insulator platform for hybrid nanoelectronics
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Bergner, F.; Pareige, C.; Hernández-Mayoral, M.; Malerba, L.; Heintze, C.
Application of a three-feature dispersed-barrier hardening model to neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr model alloys
Journal of Nuclear Materials 448(2014), 96-102

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Single particle resuspension experiments in turbulent channel flows
Journal of Aerosol Science 71(2014), 40-51

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Temperature dependence of ion-beam mixing in crystalline and amorphous germanium isotope multilayer structures
Journal of Applied Physics 115(2014), 023506

Kunze, T.; Posselt, M.; Gemming, S.; Konicek, A. R.; Carpick, R. W.; Pastewka, L.; Moseler, M.
Wear, Plasticity, and Rehybridization in Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon
Tribology Letters 53(2014), 119-126

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Monitoring radiation embrittlement during life extension periods
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Damage accumulation in pure iron and high concentrated Fe–12.5 at% Cr alloy: comparison between object kinetic Monte Carlo and cluster dynamics
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The Structural changes of Y2O3 in ferritic ODS alloys during milling
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Quantitative imaging of the magnetic configuration of modulated nanostructures by electron holography
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RPV long term operation: open issues
Strength of materials 45(2013)4, 392-396

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Critical assessment of Cr-rich precipitates in neutron-irradiated Fe–12 at%Cr: Comparison of SANS and APT
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Networks of silicon nanowires: a large-scale atomistic electronic structure analysis
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From holes to sponge at irradiated Ge surfaces with increasing ion energy - an effect of defect kinetics?
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Surface morphology and interface chemistry under ion irradiation - simultaneous atomistic simulation of collisional and thermal kinetics
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Small-angle neutron scattering of low-Cu RPV steels neutron-irradiated at 255 degrees C and post-irradiation annealed at 290 degrees C
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Cr segregation on dislocation loops enhances hardening in ferritic Fe–Cr alloys
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Posselt, M.
Importance of configurational contributions to the free energy of nanoclusters
AIP Advances 3(2013), 072137

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