Recent Publications of FWIH


Y. Berencén, S. Prucnal, F. Liu, I. Skorupa, R. Hübner, L. Rebohle, S. Zhou, H. Schneider, M. Helm, and W. Skorupa
Room-temperature short-wavelength infrared Si photodetector
Scientific Reports 7, 43688 (2017)

J. Bühler, C. Schmidt, J. Fischer, A. Leitenstorfer, H. Schneider, A. Pashkin, and D. V. Seletskiy
Quantum interference controlled current in InSb injected by intense terahertz radiation
Journal of Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves 38, 808 (2017)

N. Deßmann, S. G. Pavlov, V. V. Tsyplenkov, E. E. Orlova, A. Pohl, V. N. Shastin, R. Kh. Zhukavin, S. Winnerl, M. Mittendorff, N. V. Abrosimov, H. Schneider, and H.-W. Hübers
Dynamics of non-equilibrium charge carriers in p-germanium doped by gallium
Phys. Stat. Sol. B (2017)

J. C. König-Otto, Y. Wang, A. Belyanin, C. Berger, W. A. de Heer, M. Orlita, A. Pashkin, H. Schneider, M. Helm, and S. Winnerl
Four-Wave Mixing in Landau-Quantized Graphene
Nano Lett. 17, 2184 (2017)

C. Li, N. Krauß, G. Schäfer, L. Ebner, O. Kliebisch, J. Schmidt, S. Winnerl, M. Hettich, and T. Dekorsy
High-speed asynchronous optical sampling based on GHz Yb:KYW oscillators
Optics Express 25, 9204 (2017)

S. Ruffenach, A. Kadykov, V. V. Rumyantsev, J. Torres, D. Coquillat, D. But, S. S. Krishtopenko, C. Consejo, W. Knap, S. Winnerl, M. Helm, M. A. Fadeev, N. N. Mikhailov, S. A. Dvoretskii, V. I. Gavrilenko, S. V. Morozov, and F. Teppe
HgCdTe-based heterostructures for terahertz photonics
APL Materials 5, 035503 (2017)


L. Balaghi, T. Tauchnitz, R. Hübner, L. Bischoff, H. Schneider, M. Helm, and E. Dimakis
Droplet-confined alternate pulsed epitaxy of GaAs nanowires on Si substrates down to CMOS-compatible temperatures
Nano Lett. 16, 4032 (2016)

F. Eßer, S. Winnerl, A. Patanè, M. Helm, and H. Schneider
Excitonic mobility edge and ultra-short photoluminescence decay time in n-type GaAsN
Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 182113 (2016)

B. Green, S. Kovalev, V. Asgekar, G. Geloni, U. Lehnert, T. Golz, M. Kuntzsch, C. Bauer, J. Hauser, J. Voigtlaender, B. Wustmann, I. Koesterke, M. Schwarz, M. Freitag, A. Arnold, J. Teichert, M. Justus, W. Seidel, C. Ilgner, N. Awari, D. Nicoletti, S. Kaiser, Y. Laplace, S. Rajasekaran, L. Zhang, S. Winnerl, H. Schneider, G. Schay, I. Lorincz, A. A. Rauscher, I. Radu, S. Mährlein, T. H. Kim, J. S. Lee, T. Kampfrath, S. Wall, J. Heberle, A. Malnasi-Csizmadia, A. Steiger, A. S. Müller, M. Helm, U. Schramm, T. Cowan, P. Michel, A. Cavalleri, A. S. Fisher, N. Stojanovic, and M. Gensch
High-field high-repetition-rate sources for the coherent THz control of matter
Scientific Reports 6, 22256 (2016)

M. M. Jadidi, J. C. König-Otto, S. Winnerl , A. B. Sushkov, H. D. Drew, T. E. Murphy, M. Mittendorff
Nonlinear Terahertz Absorption of Graphene Plasmons
Nano Lett. 16 (4), 2734 (2016)

K. J. Kaltenecker, J. C. Otto, M. Mittendorff, S. Winnerl, H. Schneider, M. Helm, H.P. Helm, M. Walther, and B. M. Fischer
Gouy phase shift of a radially polarized Gaussian beam
Optica 3, 35 (2016)

S. C. Kehr, R. G. P. McQuaid, L. Ortmann, T. Kämpfe, F. Kuschewski, D. Lang, J. Döring, J. M. Gregg, and L. M. Eng
A local superlens
ACS Photonics, 3, 20(2016)

F. Kuschewski, H.-G. von Ribbeck, J. Döring, S. Winnerl, L. M. Eng and S. C. Kehr
Narrow-band near-field nanoscopy in the spectral range from 1.3 to 8.5 THz
Appl. Phys. Lett.108, 113102 (2016)

J. C. König-Otto, M. Mittendorff, T. Winzer, F. Kadi, E. Malic, A. Knorr, C. Berger, W. A. de Heer, A. Pashkin, H. Schneider, M. Helm, and S. Winnerl
Slow noncollinear Coulomb scattering in the vicinity of the Dirac point in graphene
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 087401 (2016)

S. G. Pavlov, N. Deßmann, A. Pohl, V. B. Shuman, L. М. Portsel, А. N. Lodygin, Yu. A. Astrov, S. Winnerl, H. Schneider, N. Stavrias, A. F. G. van der Meer, V. V. Tsyplenkov, K. A. Kovalesky, R. Kh. Zhukavin, V. N. Shastin, P. M. Haas, N. V. Abrosimov, H.-W. Hübers
Dynamics of nonequilibrium electrons on neutral center states of interstitial magnesium donors in silicon
Phys. Rev. B 94, 075208 (2016)

D. Sabbagh, J. Schmidt, S. Winnerl, M. Helm, L. Di Gaspare, M. De Seta, M. Virgilio, and M. Ortolani
Electron dynamics in silicon-germanium terahertz quantum fountain structures
ACS Photonics 3, 403 (2016)

A. Singh, S. Winnerl, J. C. König-Otto, D. R. Stephan, M. Helm, H. Schneider
Plasmonic efficiency enhancement at the anode of strip line photoconductive terahertz emitters
Opt. Express 24, 22628 – 22634 (2016)

D. Stephan, J. Bhattacharyya, Y.H. Huo, O.G. Schmidt, A. Rastelli, M. Helm, and H. Schneider
Inter-sublevel dynamics in single InAs/GaAs quantum dots induced by strong terahertz excitation

Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 082107 (2016)

R. J. Suess, S. Winnerl, H. Schneider, M. Helm, C. Berger, W. A. de Heer, T. E. Murphy, and M. Mittendorff,
Role of transient reflection in graphene nonlinear infrared optics
ACS Photonics 3, 1069 (2016)

J. Zhu, F. Liu, S. Zhou, C. Franke, S. Wimmer, V. V. Volobuev, G. Springholz, A. Pashkin, H. Schneider, and M. Helm
Lattice vibrations and electrical transport in (Bi1-x Inx)2Se3 films
Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 202103 (2016)