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In addition to our own HIF events, the institute participates in various fairs or conferences throughout the year - a good opportunity for you to discuss latest research developments or career oppurtunities at HIF with our experts. Join us!


Foto: “Recycling mining waste, a new business?” (April 27, 2021) ©Copyright: NEMO –

Recycling mining waste, a new business?, 27.04.2021

Can the recycling of mining waste become a new business? That is the main question to be addressed in the Lunch Event & Debate on April 27th, 2021. The event co-hosted by se­veral EU funded remining projects aims to present novel solutions for the treatment of mining waste to stakeholders from ...
Foto: ORTE Juni 2020 ref ©Copyright: TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Job Fair ORTE 9./10.06.2021

Regional and national companies and institutions present themselves at the ORTE career fair. Students and alumni can ask their questions about recruitment opportunities, internships and theses. In addition, they benefit from the extensive supporting program with...
Foto: Geoanalyses2022 ©Copyright: Geoanalyses2022

GEOANALYSIS, 6.-12.08.2022

The International Association of Geoanalysts invites you to the 11th international conference on the analysis of geological and environmental materials to be held in Freiberg, Germany. Scientific sessions and short courses will be organized in the facilities of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg as well as Eurofins. The program includes...


Foto: PDAC 2021 ©Copyright: PDAC

PDAC Convention 8.-11.03.2021

The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) is the leading voice of the mineral exploration and development community. With o­ver 7,200 members around the world, PDAC’s work centres on supporting a competitive, responsible mineral sector. PDAC is known worldwide for...
Foto: Minerals in the Loop Event ©Copyright: EMerald

Minerals in the Loop, 14./15.12.2020

Metals have a bright future as key enablers of the energy transition. But, metals are locked into more and more complex deposits and their optimal extraction requires a perfect understanding of the impact of geology and mineralogy on downstream processing. This conference is organized by the consortium of the EMerald mas­ter in Resources Engineering and will stop at twelve of the most exciting places around the world to disco­ver..
Foto: Illustration NHM Event Mining ©Copyright: Natural History Museum London

Can Mining Make the World a Greener Place?, 04.12.2020

Mining for new metals and minerals is vital to green ­techno­logies including solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars. Precious metals power our mobile phones and laptops. How does this fit with sustainable green futures? Can we even source enough of these metals to support this? Join an international panel of experts as they discuss our growing demand for new ­techno­logies, and the natural resources we need to create them...