Prof. Dr. Ajay Patil
Deaprtment Head
Phone: +49 351 260 - 4411

Dr. Norman Kelly
Department of Process Metallurgy
Phone: +49 351 260 - 4740


Department of Process Metallurgy

Exergy-Based Efficiency Label ©Copyright: Pereira, Tina
Energy and resource efficiency assessment of products and processes are focus of the department

A sustainable raw materials production not only requires the development of novel extraction and recycling technologies but also the development of digitalized systems in order to quantify the resource efficiency of Circular Economy (CE) systems. Therefore, suitable digital twins based on deep process metallurgy knowledge need to be generated. This simulation basis provides the foundation on which the CE can be controlled and optimized on scientific and engineering principles.

Solvent-Extraktion beim Recycling 2: Philipp Rädecker nutzt die Solvent-Extraktion, um aus Flugstäuben Metalle zu gewinnen. ©Copyright: HZDR/ Detlev Müller

Solvent extraction used for recycling, Photo: HZDR/ Detlev Müller

For this reason, the Department of Process Metallurgy focuses on the modelling, simulation and linking of metallurgical process chains and systems, which provide material and energy requirements, exergy losses and environmental impact of the CE system. Novel flowsheets are being generated, which also integrate the new extraction technologies, the department researches. The focus of technology development is on both hydro- and pyrometallurgical processes for the cost and energy efficient extraction, enrichment and purification of high-tech metals from primary and secondary resources. In the near future, these flowsheets and technologies will be tested under realistic conditions in the new pilot plant, which is currently under construction.