Dr. Guido Juckeland

Head Computational Science
Phone: +49 351 260 3660

The Computational Science Group

What is computational science?

Computational Science is a multi-topic discipline that combines elements from computer science, natural sciences, and applied mathematics. Its goal is always to support a specific application area with IT. Furthermore, computational science can be seen as an overarching umbrella to the three pillars of science (model, simulation, and experiment) which is required for leading edge science.

Einbettung von Computational Science in die Wissenschaftsgebiete

Services of the Group

The Computational Science Group (FWCC) serves as the first contact for all questions regarding the scientific usage of IT. This can be (but is not limited to):

  • Support with the new development or porting of software applications using the central IT resources
  • Performance analysis and support with the optimization of existing applications
  • Joint development, implementation, and optimization of complex IT workflows for simulations or for the evaluation of experiments
  • Teaching/mentoring regarding all facets of computational science
  • Joint planning and design of new experiment setups and simulations

The forms of the cooperation can be manyfold:

  • True joint development (FWCC team members work together with colleagues from other institutes on a project)
  • Mentoring (FWCC team members advise colleagues that work on a project)
  • Delegation (members of other institutes joing FWCC for a limited time to learn basics computational science skills needed for their work)

Embedding of the Group within the other IT Services

The Computational Science Group does not run any IT services itself, but rather assists in the usage of existing services or with the development of new services. These services are first and foremost the offers of the own institue (Information Services and Computing - FWC), but can also be existing solutions of other institutes (e.g. a software that is developed at Institute X). In some cases your IT demands can exceed the capabilities of your local HZDR IT. In this case the Computational Science Group can help you with the application for compute time/resources at external providers (e.g. at FZ Juelich, other European or U.S. data centers).

Einbettung der Abteilung

Team Members

Name Responsibilities Phone
Tobias Frust

Cloud computing, GitLab, data repositories

Dr. Thomas Gruber Data management, integrated data workflows 3846
Dr. Guido Juckeland Project coordination, workflow design, performance analyse 3660
Dr. Oliver Knodel Data management, cloud computing 3845
Dr. Stefan Müller High-throughput imaging, radiation transport calculations 3847
Dr. Jeffrey Kelling Simulations, GPU computing, machine learning, performance tuning 3680
Sebastian Starke Statistics, data evaluation, machine learning 3693


Dr. Guido Juckeland

Head Computational Science
Phone: +49 351 260 3660