IISC Summer School


13th-15th September 2017

A 3-day summer school will preceed the IISC conference in Dresden. Up to 12 students are invited to attend the school and to get into contact with international recognized experts in the field. Lectures and hands-on courses will be provided to introduce novel techniques and simulation codes for Master and young PhD students. Students will have the opportunity to obtain 2 ECTS points from TU Dresden as attendees of the summer school. Registration information for the summer school will be published soon.

Please note: For the duration of the summer school (12.09. - 17.09.) rooms at the international guest house of the TU Dresden will be booked and costs will be coverd by the organizers. Thus students will NOT have to book separate accomondation during summer school.

Lectures and Schedule


You can access/subscribe a web calendar for IISC Summer School Programm using this link. Thus you will be always up-to-date if any changes should occur to the programm. Alternatively you can download a static .ics file from here.