HZDR Researchers Present Themselves

In these videos, scientists working at HZDR present themselves and their work—because science is, after all, a human endeavour.

Image Campaign "Simply Saxony": Dr. Wolfgang Skorupa (in German)

Materials scientist and organ player – our researcher Wolfgang Skorupa is a man of many talents. For the campaign "Simply Saxony" he was thus chosen to be portrayed as one of six persons with remarkable interests in Saxony. At HZDR's Ion Beam Center, he is researching precious organ pipes to find out how they can be protected from corrosion.

Information on the "Simply Saxony" campaign (in English)

DocClip series: Our PhD students introduce themselves

About 150 PhD students from all around the world are researching at HZDR's eight institutes. In these short clips they introduce themselves and their research.
The DocClips were produced in cooperation with SCHEUFLER | FÖRSTER WISSENSKOMMUNIKATION. | Music by Frametraxx Gemafreie Musik.

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Elisabeth Fischermeier – Copper transport in cells

PhD candidate Elisabeth Fischermeier explains her research question: "How do cells deal with copper?"

More on this research at HZDR

Geoffrey Chanda – Investigating Superconductors with IR and THz Spectroscopy

For his PhD degree Geoffrey Chanda investigated methods of infrared and terahertz spectroscopy at the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory. With these methods it is possible to get to know more about the optical properties of novel superconductors in high magnetic fields.

More on this research at HZDR

Toni Kögler – Neutron-induced Fission in Heavy Nuclei

Toni Kögler from the Institute of Radiation Physics at the HZDR presents his research topic: „How can heavy atomic nuclei be effectively split with fast neutrons?

More on this research at HZDR

Richard Wilhelm – Slow Highly Charged Ions & Solid State Surfaces

Richard Wilhelm presents his research question in this DocClip, "What happens to solid surfaces when slow highly charged particles impact?"

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Umar Masood – A Compact Gantry for Laser-Driven Radiation Therapy

Umar Masood is researching more compact and cost efficent gantry systems that are used in laser-driven radiation therapy.

More on this research at HZDR

Max Frenzel – Gallium, Germanium & Indium in Raw Materials

Our PhD candidate Max Frenzel explains why research on raw materials is important, especially for modern devices like smartphones.

More on the Hemholtz-Institut Freiberg für Ressourcentechnologie

Bezu Teschome – DNA Origami for Nanoelectronics and Plasmonics

Bezu Teschome from Ethopia is one of 150 PhD candidates at HZDR. In this DocClip the PhD student presents his research on DNA origami.

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Salar Azizi – Breakup and Coalescence Models for Bubble Columns

Bubble columns aren’t only nice to look at. They are also an interesting research topic: Scientists in the field of fluid dynamics want to know how exactly these bubbles break up and coalesce. This way they can design generalized models that are essential for optimizing industrial processes. In this DocClip our PhD student Salar Azizi introduces this research.

More on this research at HZDR

Axel Hübl – GPU Computing for Laser-plasma Accelerators

In this short video Axel Hübl presents his research that focuses on improving computer models for laser-plasma accelerators. This could lead to more compact and efficient accelerators that can be used for cancer therapy in hospitals.

More on this research at HZDR

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