Energy and Resources Research

In the research field Energy and Resources, scientists are seeking to safeguard and assure both resources and energy supplies over the long term in a sustainable manner in order to find economically and ecologically viable solutions for these challenges.

Magnetohydrodynamics: "Magnetic Fields in the Cosmos and in Steel Casting"

The interaction between flows of molten metal and electromagnetic fields can be studied and utilized for technical processes on earth. At the HZDR's LIMMCAST test facility, researchers are analyzing the use of magnetic fields in steel casting.

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X-ray tomograph ROFEX: "Making Invisible Flows Visible"

Researchers at the HZDR also deal with visualizing flows in industry. One of their tools, which was developed by the scientists themselves, is the ultra-fast X-ray tomograph ROFEX. There is no other scientific imaging device in the world like ROFEX which can take up to 10,000 images per second.

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