Economic Valuation

A realistic optimization in the metal production depends on different effects that minimize or maximize process efficiency and costs, e.g. the current market value of the mineral concentrate, but also the costs for waste disposal of emerging pollutants. Optimum operating conditions can only be achieved by integrating all these effects into the production. The Modeling and Valuation Department thus calculates and evaluates efficiency and costs of mining and processing routes as well as product values. In order to be able to assess the results appropriately - both in terms of short-term and long-term evaluation - the scientists study the economic laws and dynamics of the commodity markets.

Publications from the department have shown that long-term market uncertainty is critical for almost all potential rare earth mines. Further publication together with the Analytics Department, have quantified the production potential of the high-tech metals indium, gallium and germanium. Such studies are based on statistical and stochastic models that help to integrate all available data about content and deportment of these elements from the world's major deposits and to assess remaining uncertainties.

Selected Publications

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