CeRI² – Center for Resource Process Intensification and Interface Studies

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The goal is to develop energy- and resource-efficient technologies for resource recovery. The relevant processes span a length scale hierarchy of ten decades: from the nanometer-scale particle surface to the micrometer scale of characteristic vortices to the meter scale of industrial plants. Within CeRI2, the micro- and mesoscopic length scales relevant for valuable material extraction in turbulent multiphase flows will be investigated. This is because the opaqueness of such multiphase flows with high solid and gas content hardly allows measurements with classical optical techniques.

CeRI2 aims at a unique combination of high-end measurement techniques for processes on all length scales and the application in flexible and modular reactors up to the implementation in the pilot plants of the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology (HIF). By dovetailing with the HIF and expanding industrial collaborations, CeRI2 is intended to strengthen the focus on resource technologies at the HZDR and in the Helmholtz Association. The EU project FineFuture on breakthrough concepts in fine particle flotation, which has been coordinated by HZDR since 2019, provides a strong foundation for this project with eight scientific and eight industrial partners. In addition, the close contact with the HZDR institute CASUS, the German-Polish Center for Advanced Systems Understanding, offers the best conditions for the application of state-of-the-art AI methods.

CeRI2 is also intended to noticeably increase Saxony's visibility as a raw materials region with strong partners in Poland.

Contact: Prof. Kerstin Eckert

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