Metallographical Laboratory

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Metallographisches Labor
Metallographical Laboratory

Tools for the sample preparation:

  • Cutting-off machine "IsoMet 4000"
  • Machine for grinding and polishing "PHOENIX 4000"
  • Machine for grinding and polishing "LaboPol-5"
  • Vibration polish tool "Vibromet 2"
for electrolytic preparation:
  • "LectroPol-5"
  • "TenuPol-5"

Microscopes for imaging and analysing:

  • Microscope for reflected light "Reichert MEFA4" with digital colour camera "dhs - Microcam 1.3"
  • Stereo microscope SMZ 745T (Nikon)
  • Image analysing systems "aquinto", "dhs - Bilddatenbank" und "Lucia"

Vickers thoughness test tool "HSV-20" (SHIMADZU)

Roughness measurement "Perthometer M1" (Mahr)


Dr. Frank Bergner
Phone: +49 351 260 3186