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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Uwe Hampel

Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics
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Gamma-ray computed tomography


Gamma ray computed tomography is well suited to investigate phase fraction distributions (gas, liquid, solid) in heavy and dense industrial devices and machines, such as axial compressors, pumps, hydro-dynamic couplings, thermal hydraulic facilities, pipelines, reactors, distillation columns and other components of larger process plants. For that we developed and operate a high resolution and transportable gamma ray computed tomography scanner. It contains a collimated radiation source (nuclide: 137Cs, activity: 180 GBq, effective focal spot: 6 mm in diameter) and a radiation detector arc comprising 320 scintillation converts with a pitch of 2 mm. The radiation detector is thermally stabilized to achieve highest quantitative image quality in thermally varying environments. Projections can be obtained every second or with higher sampling frequency of up to 25 kHz. The latter is allows for angle-synchronized time-averaged computed tomography of rapidly rotating structures, such as in pumps or stirred vessels.


  • TU Dresden
  • TU Eindhoven
  • TU Hamburg
  • TU Dortmund
  • Karlsruher Institute for Technology
  • Mahle Behr GmbH
  • ASB
  • EVONIK Industries AG
  • International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA


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Foto: Centrifugal pumps - reference picture ©Copyright: Dr. André Bieberle

Centrifugal pumps

Within the BMBF funded project SAVE the behaviour of an industrial pump operating in two-phase mode has been extensively analysed concerning different gas volume rates and gas patterns.
Foto: Bubble column reactors - reference picture ©Copyright: Dr. André Bieberle

Bubble column reactors

Measurements on bubble columns in our laboratories as well as at our industry partner Evonik Industries deli­vered new knowledge concerning axial and radial gas holdup distributions and flow structures for different industrial inlet geometries.
Foto: Hydrodynamic couplings - reference picture ©Copyright: Dr. André Bieberle

Hydrodynamic couplings

In cooperation with the industrial partner Mahle Behr GmbH the liquid distribution within a rapidly rotating VISCO coupling, used as impeller gear in car air conditioning systems, could be successfully determined for various momentum transfers.
Foto: Innovative chemical reactors - reference picture ©Copyright: Dr. André Bieberle

Innovative chemical reactors

In cooperation with TU Eindhoven two-phase flow in novel reactor designs with rotating parts (solid foam and disc) have been analysed for different operating stages and installation positions.