Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Uwe Hampel

Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics
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Thermal fluid dynamics - experimental facilities

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Complex flow phenomena are investigated here under realistic conditions to enable energy efficient material flows in process engineering and the chemical industry as well as the safe operation of nuclear power plants.
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Experimental hall TOPFLOW+

With an area of around 750 m², the experimental hall offers ample space for fluid-dynamic experiments on seven variable test booth with individual media supply terminals and a se­parated X-ray laboratory. The range of experimental facilities ranges from generic experiments on flow structures and phenomena in pipes, to experiments on distillation columns and multiphase reactors with mass transfer studies, and to studies on improving efficiencies in wastewa­ter treatment.
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The data obtained in the facility foster modelling and simulation of fluid flows and heat transfer in sCO2 power cycles.
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In the TERESA experimental facility, fluid dynamic aspects of thermal se­paration columns for critical material systems are reproduced. Featuring a refrigerant cycle process with 3M™Novec™649, flash evaporation and vapor-liquid phase interaction can be studied in se­paration-effective internals at low surface tensions and viscosities and variable vapor-liquid density differences.
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Laboratories and facilities for radiographic imaging

Main field of application of the facilities are the non-invasive radiographic, radioscopic and/or ­tomo­graphic investigation of multiphase flow phenomena in non-transparent (opaque) and inaccessible fluids, in particular in the context of reactor safey research and the fundamental research in the field of liquid and solidifying metals and metal alloys.
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Chemical laboratory

The chemical engineering research group possesses up-to-date equipped chemical and physical laboratories. Among a wet chemistry lab and measuring equipment for thermo-physical properties, se­veral reaction calori­meters, miniplants and chemical analysers are available.