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HZDR Awards 2012

News published on March 4, 2013

On February 28, 2013, the Saxon Minister President Stanislaw Tillich, the Scientific Director of the HZDR, Prof. Roland Sauerbrey, and the Administrative Director of the HZDR, Prof. Peter Joehnk, presented the HZDR Awards at the HZDR’s Annual Reception 2013.

The awards are presented once a year in the categories Research, Technology, and Scientific Communication for outstanding achievements in these sectors as well as for the best doctoral dissertation.

Research Award 2012

Dr. Stephan Winnerl from the Institute of Ion-Beam Physics and Materials Research was presented with the Research Award 2012 for his investigation of terahertz radiation and its application. Terahertz radiation is found in the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and microwave radiation, is not a health hazard, and penetrates numerous materials. It is, thus, suitable for many different fields of application – from fundamental research all the way to security technology and biomedicine.

Technology Award 2012

The Technology Award 2012 went to Matthias Beyer, Dr. Helmar Carl, Heiko Pietruske, Eckhard Schleicher, Tobias Seidel, and Dr. Christophe Vallée (all from the Institute of Fluid Dynamics). They developed a unique technology with which it is possible to conduct flow experiments under realistic reactor and/or industrial conditions, i.e. under high pressure and at high temperatures. The developments were already tested successfully in experiments simulating reactor accidents in nuclear power plants.

Ph.D. Award 2012

Last year’s best doctoral dissertation was written by Dr. Thomas Hilger from the Institute of Radiation Physics – he was presented with the Ph.D. Award 2012. Thomas Hilger’s dissertation focuses on the changing properties of the smallest particles in strongly interacting matter. He conducted pioneering work in this important field of nuclear physics.

Dr. Thomas Kluge and Dr. Daniel Seipt (both are at the Institute of Radiation Physics) were presented with awards in recognition of their dissertation research.

Science Communication Award 2012

The Science Communication Award 2012 went to Julia Hesse and Katrin Taetz (both are at the Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research). Their animated video on the topic “Biofunctionalized Nanoparticles and Their Application in Tumor Diagnostics“ was one of the ten best films at the short film festival “nanospots.”