Dr. Norman Kelly
Metallurgy and Recycling Department

Phone: +49 351 260 - 4740

Further Projects - Department of Metallurgy and Recycling

  • Resource and energy efficiency: innovative processes for a high-quality recovery of magnesium splinters/ HOVEMAS (BMBF project SME innovative)
  • Basic investigations on lead removal from waste residuals (DFG project)
  • Investigating the thermo dynamic basics of the Ni and Zr conduct in magnesium alloys (DFG project)
  • Investigating the dendritic structural composition of Mg alloys in order to influence corrosion properties (DFG project)
  • Extracting indium from electronic scraps by means of metal collectors without generating unusable by-prodcts
  • Ga recycling from arsenic waste water within the BMBF project: Enhancing resource efficiency (gallium) during the production of gallium arsenide substrates and InGaAlP-LEDs