Selected publications in refereed journals 

PhD, diploma, master and bachelor theses


  • Hartley, N. J.; Vorberger, J.; Döppner, T.; Cowan, T.; Falcone, R. W.; Fletcher, L. B.; Frydrych, S.; Galtier, E.; Gamboa, E. J.; Gericke, D. O.; Glenzer, S. H.; Granados, E.; Macdonald, M. J.; Mackinnon, A. J.; Mcbride, E. E.; Nam, I.; Neumayer, P.; Pak, A.; Rohatsch, K.; Saunders, A. M.; Schuster, A. K.; Sun, P.; van Driel, T.; Kraus, D.
    Liquid structure of shock-compressed hydrocarbons at megabar pressures
    Physical Review Letters 121(2018), 245501
  • Dornheim, T.; Groth, S.; Vorberger, J.; Bonitz, M.
    Ab Initio Path Integral Monte Carlo Results for the Dynamic Structure Factor of Correlated Electrons: From the Electron Liquid to Warm Dense Matter
    Physical Review Letters 121(2018), 255001
  • Döppner, T.; Swift, D. C.; Kritcher, A. L.; Bachmann, B.; Collins, G. W.; Chapman, D. A.; Hawreliak, J.; Kraus, D.; Nilsen, J.; Rothman, S.; Benedict, L. X.; Dewald, E.; Fratanduono, D. E.; Gaffney, J. A.; Glenzer, S. H.; Hamel, S.; Landen, O. L.; Lee, H. J.; Lepape, S.; Ma, T.; Macdonald, M. J.; Macphee, A.; Milathianaki, D.; Millot, M.; Neumayer, P.; Sterne, P. A.; Tommasini, R.; Falcone, R. W.
    Absolute Equation-of-State Measurement for Polystyrene from 25 - 60 Mbar Using a Spherically Converging Shock Wave
    Physical Review Letters 121(2018), 025001
  • Kluge, T.; Rödel, M.; Metzkes, J.; Bussmann, M.; Erbe, A.; Galtier, E.; Garcia, A. L.; Garten, M.; Georgiev, Y. M.; Gutt, C.; Hartley, N.; Huebner, U.; Lee, H. J.; Mcbride, E. E.; Nakatsutsumi, M.; Nam, I.; Pelka, A.; Prencipe, I.; Rehwald, M.; Christian, R.; Schönherr, T.; Zacharias, M.; Zeil, K.; Glenzer, S.; Schramm, U.; Cowan, T. E.
    Observation of ultrafast solid-density plasma dynamics using femtosecond X-ray pulses from a free-electron laser
    Physical Review X 8(2018), 031068
  • Kraus, D.; Hartley, N. J.; Frydrych, S.; Schuster, A. K.; Rohatsch, K.; Brown, S.; Cowan, T. E.; Cunningham, E.; Demaio-Turner, S. J.; van Driel, T.; Fletcher, L. B.; Galtier, E.; Gamboa, E. J.; Laso Garcia, A.; Gericke, D. O.; Granados, E.; Heimann, P. A.; Lee, H. J.; Macdonald, M. J.; Mackinnon, A. J.; Mcbride, E. E.; Nam, I.; Neumayer, P.; Pak, A.; Pelka, A.; Prencipe, I.; Ravasio, A.; Redmer, R.; Rödel, M.; Saunders, A. M.; Schölmerich, M.; Schörner, M.; Sun, P.; Falcone, R. W.; Glenzer, S. H.; Döppner, T.; Vorberger, J.
    High-pressure chemistry of hydrocarbons relevant to planetary interiors and inertial confinement fusion
    Physics of Plasmas 25(2018)5, 056313
  • Olbinado, M. P.; Cantelli, V.; Mathon, O.; Pascarelli, O.; Rack, A.; Grenzer, J.; Pelka, A.; Roedel, M.; Prencipe, I.; Garcia, A. L.; Helbig, U.; Kraus, D.; Schramm, U.; Cowan, T.; Scheel, M.; Pradel, P.; de Resseguier, T.
    Ultra-high-speed X-ray imaging of laser-driven shock compression using synchrotron light
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51(2018)5, 055601


  • Kraus, D.; Vorberger, J.; Pak, A.; Hartley, N. J.; Fletcher, L. B.; Frydrych, S.; Galtier, E.; Gamboa, E. J.; Gericke, D. O.; Glenzer, S. H.; Granados, E.; Macdonald, M. J.; Mackinnon, A. J.; Mcbride, E. E.; Nam, I.; Neumayer, P.; Roth, M.; Saunders, A. M.; Sun, P.; van Driel, T.; Döppner, T.; Falcone, R. W.
    Formation of diamonds in laser-compressed hydrocarbons at planetary interior conditions
    Nature Astronomy 1(2017), 606-611
  • Prencipe, I.; Fuchs, J.; Pascarelli, S.; Schumacher, D. W.; Stephens, R. B.; Alexander, N. B.; Briggs, R.; Büscher, M.; Cernaianu, M. O.; Choukourov, A.; de Marco, M.; Erbe, A.; Fassbender, J.ORC; Fiquet, G.; Fitzsimmons, P.; Gheorghiu, C.; Hund, J.; Huang, L. G.; Harmand, M.; Hartley, N.; Irman, A.; Kluge, T.; Konopkova, Z.; Kraft, S.; Kraus, D.; Leca, V.; Margarone, D.; Metzkes, J.; Nagai, K.; Nazarov, W.; Lutoslawski, P.; Papp, D.; Passoni, M.; Pelka, A.; Perin, J. P.; Schulz, J.; Smid, M.; Spindloe, C.; Steinke, S.; Torchio, R.; Vass, C.; Wiste, T.; Zaffino, R.; Zeil, K.; Tschentscher, T.; Schramm, U.; Cowan, T. E.
    Targets for high repetition rate laser facilities: needs, challenges and perspectivesHigh Power Laser Science and Engineering 5(2017), e17
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    Experimental discrimination of ion stopping models near the Bragg peak in highly ionized matter
    Nature Communications 8(2017), 15693
  • Wunderlich, F.; Kaempfer, B.
    Photon emissivity in the vicinity of a critical point - A case study within the quark meson model
    Nuclear Physics A 959(2017), 27
  • Mabey, P.; Richardson, S.; White, T. G.; Appel, K.; Barbel, B.; Chapman, D. A.; Doeppner, T.; Falcone, R. W.; Fletcher, L. B.; Fortmann, C.; Galtier, E.; Glenzer, S. H.; Hastings, J. B.; Heimann, P.; Lee, H. J.; Lepape, S.; Ma, T.; Monaco, G.; Nagler, B.; Pak, A.; Turnbull, D.; Vorberger, J.; Wei, M.; Welch, J.; Zastrau, U.; Gericke, D. O.; Gregori, G.
    A Strong Diffusive Ion Mode in Dense Ionised Matter Predicted by Langevin Dynamics
    Nature Communications 8(2017), 14125


  • Waldecker, L.; Bertoni, R.; Ernstorfer, R.; Vorberger, J.
    Electron-phonon coupling and energy flow in a simple metal beyond the two-temperature approximation
    Physical Review X 6(2016), 021003
  • Passoni, M.; Sgattoni, A.; Prencipe, I.; Fedeli, L.; Dellasega, D.; Cialfi, L.; Choi, I. W.; Kim, I. J.; Janulewicz, K. A.; Lee, H. W.; Sung, J. H.; Lee, S. K.; Nam, C. H.
    Toward high-energy laser-driven ion beams: Nanostructured double-layer targets
    Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 19(2016), 061301
  • Putero, M.; Coulet, M. V.; Muller, C.; Baehtz, C.; Raoux, S.; Cheng, H. Y.
    Ge-doped GaSb thin films with zero mass density change upon crystallization for applications in phase change memories
    Applied Physics Letters 108(2016), 1019091-1019095
  • Bayer, B. C.; Bosworth, D. A.; Michaelis, F. B.; Blume, R.; Habler, G.; Abart, R.; Weatherup, R. S.; Kidambi, P. R.; Baumberg, J. J.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Schloegl, R.; Baehtz, C.; Barber, Z. H.; Meyer, J. C.; Hofmann, S.
    In Situ Observations of Phase Transitions in Metastable Nickel (Carbide)/Carbon Nanocomposites
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120(2016), 22571-22584
  • Caneva, S.; Weatherup, R. S.; Bayer, B. C.; Blume, R.; Cabrero-Vilatela, A.; Braeuninger-Weimer, P.; Martin, M. B.; Wang, R.; Baehtz, C.; Schloegl, R.; Meyer, J. C.; Hofmann, S.
    Controlling Catalyst Bulk Reservoir Effects for Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride CVD
    Nano Letters 16(2016), 1250-1261
  • Prencipe, I.; Sgattoni, A.; Dellasega, D.; Fedeli, L.; Cialfi, L.; Choi, I. W.; Kim, I. J.; Janulewicz, K. A.; Kakolee, K. F.; Lee, H. W.; Sung, J. H.; Lee, S. K.; Nam, C. H.; Passoni, M.
    Development of foam-based layered targets for laser-driven ion beam production
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    Short-pulse laser-driven x-ray radiography
    High Power Laser Science and Engineering 4(2016)e30
  • Arefiev A.; Toncian T.; Fiskal G.
    Enhanced proton acceleration in an applied longitudinal magnetic field
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    Extending the truncated Dyson-Schwinger equation to finite temperatures
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    Holographically emulating sequential versus instantaneous disappearance of vector mesons in a hot environment
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    Dynamics of bulk electron heating and ionization in solid density plasmas driven by ultra-short relativistic laser pulses
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    Radiation Dose Measurements for high-intensity laser interactions with solid targets at SLAC
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  • Wunderlich, F.; Yaresko, R.; Kaempfer, B.
    Arguing on entropic and enthalpic first-order phase transitions in strongly interacting matter
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  • Vovchenko, V.; Karpenko, I. A.; Gorenstein, M. I.; Satarov, L. M.; Mishustin, I. N.; Kaempfer, B.; Staecker, H.
    Electromagnetic probes of a pure-glue initial state in nucleus-nucleus collisions at energies available at the CERN Large Hadron Collider
    Physical Review C 94(2016), 024906
  • Kuramitsu, Y.; Mizuta, A.; Sakawa, Y.; Tanji, H.; Ide, T.; Sano, T.; Koenig, M.; Ravasio, A.; Pelka, A.; Takabe, H.; Gregory, C. D.; Woolsey, N.; Moritaka, T.; Matsukiyo, S.; Matsumoto, Y.; Ohnishi, N.
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    Pair production by Schwinger and Breit-Wheeler processes in bi-frequent fields
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    Quantum processes in short and intensive electromagnetic fields
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  • Macdonald, M. J.; Vorberger, J.; Drake, R. P.; Glenzer, S. H.; Fletcher, L. B.
    Calculation of Debye-Scherrer diffraction from polycrystalline samples under an arbitrary stress field
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  • Yildirim, O.; Cornelius, S.; Smekhova, A.; Butterling, M.; Anwand, W.; Wagner, A.; Baehtz, C.; Boettger, R.; Potzger, K.
    Threshold concentration for ion implantation-induced Co nanocluster formation in TiO2:Co thin films
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 389-390C(2016), 13-16
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    Algebraic vacuum limits of QCD condensates from in-medium projections of Lorentz tensors
    Journal of Physics G 43(2016), 055105
  • Wunderlich, F.; Kaempfer, B.
    Imprints of a critical point on photon emission
    European Physical Journal A 52(2016), 262
  • Schlenvoigt, H.-P.; Heinzl, T.; Schramm, U.; Cowan, T.; Sauerbrey, R.
    Detecting vacuum birefringence with X-ray free electron lasers and high-power optical lasers: A feasibility study
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    Chiral symmetry aspects in the open charm sector
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    Spectral caustics in laser assisted Breit-Wheeler process
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    Nanoscale femtosecond imaging of transient hot solid density plasmas with elemental and charge state sensitivity using resonant coherent diffraction
    Physics of Plasmas 23(2016), 033103
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    Caustic structures in the spectrum of x-ray Compton scattering off electrons driven by a short intense laser pulse
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