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Nuclear Physics
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Dr. Konrad Schmidt

Staff scientist
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Anne Varga

Secretary Institute of Radiation Physics
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Workshop on ChETEC starting community for nuclear astrophysics

Scientific rationale

The nuclear astrophysics community requires a number of small or medium-size infrastructures for its cutting-edge research:

  • Supercomputers for astrophysical modelling
  • Small or medium-size nuclear laboratories
  • Small or medium-size telescopes

The aim of the workshop is to explore practical ways to strengthen the connections between the ChETEC network and those infrastructures.


Time and venue

Important dates

  • Deadline for applying for COST support: 21.10.2019
  • Registration deadline: 28.10.2019
  • Workshop dates: 11.-12.11.2019

Practical information

  • Dresden can be conveniently reached by air (Dresden international airport, many connections to Frankfurt, Munich, and Düsseldorf) or within two hours by train or by bus from Berlin or Prague.
  • Participants should book their own accommodation. 
  • Recommended hotel: Ibis Prager Straße Dresden, LINK.
  • Please make your own hotel booking, by 01.11.2019. If you use the codeword "ChETEC workshop", you will get a rate of 59 € / night including breakfast. 
  • Bus transfer from the venue to the recommended hotel (Monday night) and from the recommended hotel to the venue (Tuesday morning) will be provided.
  • We will try to assist participants with transfer from Dresden airport to the workshop site (on Monday) and back (on Tuesday).

Frauenkirche ©Copyright: B. Rimarzig/HZDR

Photo: B. Rimarzig/HZDR

Registration (by 21. / 28.10.2019)

Please register by e-mail, giving the following information (use the e-mail link or copy/paste the below template):

  • Name:
  • Affiliation:
  • Research infrastructure you represent/propose (if applicable):
  • Research topic you represent/propose (if applicable):
  • Do you want to apply for COST support (yes/no - COST deadline 21.10.2019): 
  • If you apply for COST support, state the number of nights in hotel you apply for (max. 2 nights - 60 € per night) and the estimated travel cost (please try to stay below 400 €).
  • In case you request assistance with the transfer between airport and workshop site, please let us know your travel details.

Conference fee and possible COST support

  • The invitation list for COST support by the ChETEC CA16117 will be confirmed by the ChETEC Management Committee after 21.10.2019.
  • Those participants selected for COST support will receive an individual, official notification directly from COST, including detailed instructions.
  • There is no conference fee.

Local organizing committee