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Foto: A young scientist using highest magnetic fields at the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the HZDR ©Copyright: HZDRIn our daily lives, we encounter a very large number of materials with different functionalities and which are relevant to the key issues of our modern society. The HZDR investigates in mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of such materials which usually have to be optimized for specific applications. That is why it is essential to have a thorough knowledge and detailed understanding of their basic properties. At the HZDR, we’re investigating the microscopic structures of materials, their dynamics at ultra-fast time scales as well as their functionalities by using state-of-the-art equipment and, in particular, our large scale research facilities. Our focus is on “Quantum Condensed Matter: Magnetism, Superconductivity and Beyond”, "Materials and Processes for Energy and Transport Technologies" as well as “Nanoscience and Materials for Information Technologies".

Today, magnetic materials provide a vast number of applications ranging from electric transformers (e.g. for energy transport and electromobility) to information storage (e.g. in magnetic hard disks) all the way to tumor treatment (e.g. hyperthermal therapy using magnetic nanoparticles). In order to utilize these complex materials with strong interacting electrons, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles. That is why a technology is available at the HZDR, e.g. in the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory, which is unique in the world.

Many important applications of novel materials can help solve the key problems of modern society: How can we gain and store energy more efficiently and safely? How can we process and store information more efficiently? To answer these questions, we’re investigating materials for information technologies, nanoelectronics, and photonics. These can be such familiar materials as silicon as well as entirely new materials and concepts based on III-IV semiconductors, oxides or magnetic metals and hereof produced nanostructures. We also use our large-scale facilities such as the Ion Beam Center and the Free-Electron Laser for this research.


  • To offer attractive scientific infrastructure to users from research and industry
  • To develop and optimize storage and computer technologies with innovative functions as well as novel materials
  • To develop a better understanding of extreme states of matter

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