PD Dr. habil. Artur Erbe

Head transport in nanostructures / device processing / NanoNet
Scaling Phenomena
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Process Technology and Devices

Nanoparkwafer_ausschnittThe Division of Process Technology and Devices performs semiconductor preparation processes for silicon and other semiconductor materials, like GaAs, SiC, Ge and diamond. The activities comprise the pre- and after-ion-beam sample processing, the fabrication of test structures and devices for different analytical and electrical investigations as well as industrial customer based semiconductor process and device development. 

The semiconductor wafer processing is mainly focused on the research topics NanostructuresOptoelectronic Materials and Doping & Defects in Semiconductors of the Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research. 


Services and methods:

Foto: FWIZ-P Cleanroom ©Copyright: Dr. Ciaran Fowley

Clean Room

O­verview of the cleanroom facility in the Ion Beam Cen­ter
Foto: Wet chemistry in the cleanroom ©Copyright: Dr. Bernd Schmidt

Wet chemistry

O­verview of wet chemistry in the cleanroom
Foto: Photo lithography ©Copyright: Dr. Bernd Schmidt


An o­verview of the photolithography capabilities available in the cleanroom at the Ion Beam Cen­ter
Foto: Reactive Ion Etch facility ©Copyright: Dr. Bernd Schmidt

Reactive Ion Etching

Reactive Ion etching in the cleanroom
Foto: FWIZ-P Deposition ©Copyright: Dr. Ciaran Fowley

Thin Film Deposition

O­verview of the thin-film deposition capabilities of the cleanroom at the Ion Beam Cen­ter
Foto: Semi-automatic prober PA200 (Karl Süss) ©Copyright: Holger Lange

Measurement techniques

O­verview of the measurement techniques avaialble in the cleanroom

Group information:

The preparation equipment in the Class-100 cleanroom incorporates:

  • Processing Technologies
    • Wet chemical wafer cleaning and isotropic thin layer etching
    • Wet chemical anisotropic and selective silicon bulk etching
    • Photolithography and mask alignment (double sided) / Direct write laser lithography
    • ICP reactive ion etching based on fluorine gases
    • Furnace thermal oxidation, diffusion and annealing
    • Rapid thermal processing (annealing and oxidation)
    • High Temperature vacuum annealing
  • Thin Film Deposition
    • Sputtering (DC, RF and magnetron, various materials)
    • Evaporation (e-beam, resistive, various materials)
  • Fine-focused Ion Beam (FIB)
    • Direct patterning on µm- and nm-scale
    • Local and writing ion implantation
    • FIB-assisted layer deposition and etching
    • Development and analysis of liquid metal alloy ion sources
  • Device Packaging
    • Ultrasonic wire bonding
    • Epoxy encapsulation
  • Measurement and Characterization
    • Optical layer thickness measurement (interferometric, ellipsometric)
    • Optical line width measurement
    • Optical microscopy
    • Surface profiling and roughness measurement
    • Atomic force microscopy (AFM)
    • Electrical measuring techniques (I/V-, MIS-C/V-measurement)
  • Computer Aided Design
    • Mask layout design for photolithography (AUTOCAD)


PD Dr. habil. Artur Erbe

Head transport in nanostructures / device processing / NanoNet
Scaling Phenomena
Phone: +49 351 260 2366