Dr. René Hübner

Head Structural Analysis
Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Phone: +49 351 260 3174

Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy


Titan 80-300 (FEI)

Titan 80-300 © R. Hübner

Talos F200X (FEI)

Talos F200X © F. Röder

Topics of Research:

The TEM is mainly used for the investigation of the effects of ion implantation and layer deposition on the micro- and nano-scale. Due to the primary interest on depth profiles, cross-sectional specimens (XTEM) prepared in our own TEM laboratory are mainly analyzed. Besides classical TEM specimen preparation (sawing, grinding, polishing, dimpling, and Ar ion milling), target preparation can be done using a focused ion beam device (FIB, Zeiss NVision 40). The TEM is open for performing all relevant tasks at HZDR as well as to partners in academics and industry. Currently, contributions to the following topics are delivered:

  • Verification of shaping effects of nano-particles by MeV-ion irradiation
    e.g. shaping of Co-Pt particles during thermal treatment and ion irradiation
  • Defect engineering of Si (e.g. SOI structures) and SiGe
    e.g. investigation of O-gettering on H- and He-induced cavities
  • Ion-beam induced surface modification (self-organization)
    e.g. imaging of patterns originated by Ar- or Xe-beam erosion
  • Characterization of advanced absorber materials for photovoltaics
    e.g. phase separation into percolated Si nanostructures in SiO2
  • Phasenseparation bei der simultanen Abscheidung von Metall und Kohlenstoff
    z.B. Morphologie von Übergangsmetall-Nanoteilchen in einer Kohlenstoffmatrix
  • Investigation of ZnO:Al layers produced by reactive sputtering
    e.g. influence of deposition temperature on structure and phase composition
  • Incorporation and binding of uranium in protozoan organisms (cooperation with Institute of Resource Ecology)
    e.g. localization of uranium in euglena cells