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HZDR Awards

Award winnersHZDR award ceremony 2019 ©Copyright: André Wirsig/HZDR

The laureates of the HZDR Award Ceremony 2019, with the Executive Board (from left to right): Dr. Felix Möller, Dr. Ulrich Breuer (Administrative Director), Dr. Nicola Metwasi, Dr. Jacob König-Otto, Dr. Denys Makarov, Dr. Tom Weier, Dr. Frank Stefani, Dr. André Giesecke und Prof. Roland Sauerbrey (Scientific Director)

Foto: HZDR / A. Wirsig

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf annually bestows the following awards:

  • HZDR Research Award
  • HZDR Technology and Innovation Award
  • HZDR PhD Award
  • HZDR Prize for Scientific Communication

The 2019 HZDR Awards ceremony

The HZDR Board of Directors, Prof. Roland Sauerbrey and Dr. Ulrich Breuer, presented the 2019 awards on February 26, 2020.

Research Award 2019

... awarded to Dr. Denys Makarov (Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research) for outstanding work in the field of “Magnetic Sensor Technology for Microfluidics and Augmented Reality“

PhD Award 2019

... awarded to Dr. Jacob König-Otto (Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research) for his PhD thesis “Ladungsträgerdynamik in Graphen unterhalb der optischen Phononenergie“

PhD Recognition Awards 2019

... awarded to Dr. Nicola Metwasi (Institute of Radio­pharma­ceutical Cancer Research) for his PhD thesis “Antigen-specific redirection of immune effector cells against GD2-expressing tumors“

... awarded to Dr. Felix Möller (Institute of Fluid Dynamics) for his PhD thesis “Advanced modeling and experimental analysis of bubble columns with internals“

Award for Scientific Communication 2019

... awarded to Dr. Frank Stefani, Dr. André Giesecke and Dr. Tom Weier (Institute of Fluid Dynamics) for the effective public presentation of their research results on the synchronization model of the sun’s dynamo to the general as well as to the scientific public

(The HZDR Technology and Innovation award was not bestowed in 2019.)

HZDR Innovation Contest

The prizes for the 2019 competition were awarded during the Awards Ceremony on February 26, 2020.

1. Prize

... awarded to Dr. Thu Hang Lai, Dr. Rodrigo Teodoro, Dr. Magali Toussaint and Prof. Peter Brust (Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research) for their fundamental and comprehensive work on “[18F]FLUDA – A potential radiopharmaceutical for the differential diagnosis of Parkinson's disease“

2. Prize

... awarded to Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Findeisen (Department of Research Technology) and Dr. Hannes Kühne (Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory) for the invention of a “2-axis rotator for extreme sample environments“

3. Prize

... awarded to Dr. habil. Constantin Mamat, David Bauer, Falco Reissig (Institute of Radio­pharma­ceutical Cancer Research) for the project “New carrier systems for radium and barium for use in radiopharmaceutical cancer research“