Ulrich Kentsch

Head Implanter
Phone: +49 351 260 3345

Ion implantation and modification of materials

Ionenimplanter im Ionenstrahlzentrum ©Copyright: HZDR / O. Killig

The ion implanter group provides facilities for the ion-beam induced modification of solid samples in an energy range of 100 eV to 1 MeV. It is possible to irradiate wafers and samples up to a size of 200 mm in diameter. The ion implantation is used for both basic research and practical investigations in the field of the modification of surface sensitive properties as well as for doping and nanostructering in the semiconductor industry.

Ion implantation is a method to impact impurity atoms in form of ions into a base material (doping) or to generate defects in semiconductor material (defect engineering, lifetime engineering). In this way, the material properties of the base material change (usually the electrical properties). The method is primarily used in semiconductor technology. Appropriate equipment for ion implantation are named ion implanters. Ion implantation service is available for partners from industry and can be used for for basic and applied research to modify surface-sensitive properties like adhesion, wear, roughness, hardness, corrosion of metal or other materials.


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