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Actinides revised email:

Actinides revisited 2022

Dresden, 21st to 23rd September 2022

Scope of the conference

The conference „Actinides revisited - 2022“ is dedicated to provide a platform to discuss recent advances in the field of actinide chemistry and aims to foster scientific exchange between established scientists and young researchers. The conference sessions cover various aspects of actinide chemistry with a special emphasis on topics related to coordination chemistry. All aspects ranging from quantum chemical calculations of relativistic effects, description of electronic properties to bulk effects in solid state chemistry are covered in this conference.


  • coordination chemistry 
  • theoretical chemistry
  • transuranium elements
  • solid state chemistry
  • spectroscopy and electronic structure

Scientific contributions

The abstract deadline has now expired. We thank everyone for their contributions; you will be informed of the acceptance of your contribution by June 2022.

Contributions are welcome in form of scientific talks and posters. Please use the provided template and indicate your intention to give a talk. We would like to encourage PhD students and postdocs to apply for an oral presentation. A limited number of posters may be chosen to be upgraded to a talk. 


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The conference is partially funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the research project f-Char (02NUK059).