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Bettina Theuner

Secretary Institute of Resource Ecology
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Actinides revised email:

Actinides revisited 2022

Dresden, 21st to 23rd September 2022

Plenary speakers

Steve Liddle University of Manchester "Recent Advances in Actinide-Ligand Multiple Bonding"
Hans-Conrad zur Loye USCeRA "From Mild Hydrothermal to High Temperature Solution Crystal Growth: Syntheses of New Complex Actinide Fluorides, Oxides and Even Chalcogenides"
Thomas Albrecht-Schönzart Florida State University "Enhancing Frontier Orbital Interactions in the f-Block Through Applications of Pressure and Electric Fields"
Suzanne Bart Purdue University "Pushing the Boundaries of Actinide-Nitrogen Multiple Bonding"
Dave L. Clark Los Alamos National Laboratory "Issues Surrounding Plutonium"

Program and Abstracts

The final program for the Actinides revisited 2022 is available here. The full abstract booklet can be downloaded here as a PDF.