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Dr. Uwe Konrad

Head of the department Information Services and Computing
Phone: +49 351 260 3264
+49 351 260 3317

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Department of Information Services and Computing

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Data Center of HZDR

Information Services and Computing is the service, consultation and coordination centre for the Information Infrastructure at all sites of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. It supports all the institutes, departments as well as external users on the campus.

Information Infrastructure

The members and guests of HZDR can rely upon the IT Infrastructure considered as highly available and innovative. This is based on a campus-wide data network.

The core of the IT infrastructure consists in a high-performance data centre (picture 3) accommodating the servers, data storages and the network equipment. Supercomputers  are provided for scientific calculation and simulation tasks. Any other data derived from research works of the HZDR are filed, saved and archived over periods of time. The communication network on the campus is connected at high band-width to the scientific network of the DFN (German Research Network Association) and is protected by modern firewalls.

The Services for the digital Provision of Information and the Support in the publication process are provided by the Scientific Library of the HZDR, which is part of the department. In the modern library building (picture 1) information media as well as comfortable desktops for staff and guests are available. The departments User Services and Application Services support staff and guests at their workstations and in the development of digital workflows for scientific and administrative applications. Last but not least, the Computational Science department supports the institutes and large-scale facilities in the storage and analysis of scientific data, in the optimization of applications of high performance computing, artificial intelligence and in the software development process.


An overview of the HZDR's IT services can be found in the Service Catalogue, which provides direct access to services and contact persons:

>>> HZDR IT Services <<<

In addition, there are Helmholtz-wide service offerings, which you can find here:

>>> Helmholtz Cloud Services <<<

All services can be used with your HZDR user account, which is also part of the Helmholtz login infrastructure.

The Department of Information Services and Computing with the departments of Application Services, Scientific Library, Computational Science, IT Infrastructure and User Services is responsible for:

  • coordination and improvement of IT processes, information technology as well as data and information security
  • provision of Information and media of the scientific library and advice and support in the publication process
  • the data network from campus to desk and the supply of communication services such as e-mail and Internet
  • the main computation and storage and archive capacities including High Performance Computing
  • storage, archiving and publishing research data
  • assistance to scientists in solving problems in the fields of parallelization, visualization and the management of big data
  • administration of all IT users and IT resources in central domains and management of campus software
  • user desktop support and organization of IT courses
  • development and operation of scientific and administrative applications (including ERP, user access, DMS)
  • high performance computing and research data management for the scientific requirements
  • software development, database support and technical internet and intranet services (including content management);
  • Large-format printing of posters and transparencies.
  • Voice communication services and video conferencing systems