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Dr. Gregor Hlawacek

Head Ion Induced Nanostructures
Ion Microscopy
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Ion Induced Nanostructures

We study processes during the interaction of low energy (10 eV – 60 keV) ions with different charge states with materials, especially for the controlled modification and nano-patterning of their surfaces. Such modifications can be material removal through sputtering of surface atoms but also near surface ion beam mixing, ion beam induced defect engineering, or implantation of guest atoms (see figure below). Bottom up as well as top down surface structuring can be achieved through the use of either broad beam irradiation or focused ion beam irradiation.

The first one allows to roughen, smoothen, or clean technical surfaces. Furthermore, the energy deposited by the continuous ion impact drives the surface out of equilibrium inducing many processes on the surface and the sub-surface region.


Ioneninduzierte Oberflächenprozesse

Alternatively, focused ion beams allow the top down structuring of surfaces or surface near regions with a high spatial resolution compatible with modern nanostructure fabrication requirements. In our group we employ a wide range of focused ion beams from very light nobel gas ions to small heavy ion clusters to understand the behaviour of materials and create state-of-the-art nanostructures.

Main research topics:

Foto: A silicon surface after 500 eV Ar+ sputtering under 67° ©Copyright: Dr. Stefan Facsko

Pattern formation by self-organization

Information about surface modification by low-energy ion irradiation and surface analytics by scanning probe techniques
Foto: liquid metal ion source ©Copyright: Dr. Lothar Bischoff

Focused Ion Beams

Information about the development and application of focused ion beams using liquid metal alloy ion sources

Helium Ion Microscopy

Information about Helium Ion Microscopy with special emphasis on the Orion NanoFab installed at the HZDR.
Foto: Energy_barriers_XW_MP ©Copyright: Dr. Matthias Posselt

Compu­ter Simulations

Defects and diffusion
Foto: ArBlade - FWIZ-N Instrument ©Copyright: Dr. Nico Klingner

Setups - FWIZ-N

List of our setups for pre­paration, material modifications, analytical methods, and imaging.

Group information:

Group Members - Ion Induced Nanostructures

Current and former group members

Recent publications

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Defects distribution and evolution in selected-area helium ion implanted 4H-SiC

Y. Song, Z. Xu, M. Rommel, G. Astakhov, G. Hlawacek, F. Fang

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An intermediate morphology in the patterning of the crystalline Ge(001) surface induced by ion irradiation

D. Erb, D. A. Pearson, T. Skeren, M. Engler, R. M. Bradley, S. Facsko

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Enhanced Luminescence of Yb3+ Ions Implanted to ZnO through the Selection of Optimal Implantation and Annealing Conditions

R. Ratajczak, E. Guziewicz, S. Prucnal, C. Mieszczynski, P. Jozwik, M. Barlak, S. Romaniuk, S. Gieraltowska, W. Wozniak, R. Heller, U. Kentsch, S. Facsko

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Ab initio insights on the ultrafast strong-field dynamics of anatase TiO2

S. L. Suma Balakrishnan, M. Lokamani, K. Ramakrishna, A. Cangi, D. Murali, M. Posselt, S. Assa Aravindh

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Challenges of Electron Correlation Microscopy on Amorphous Silicon and Amorphous Germanium

D. Radic, M. Peterlechner, K. Spangenberg, M. Posselt, H. Bracht

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  • Secondary publication expected from 26.08.2024

Novel Metalless Chalcogen-Based Janus Layers: A Density Functional Theory Study

M. Vallinayagam, A. E. Sudheer, A. S. Aravindh, M. Devaraj, R. Nadarajan, R. Katta, M. Posselt, M. Zschornak

Morphology and orientation change of layer-by-layer deposited one- and two-dimensional coordination polymer nanocrystals containing rhodium paddle-wheel units

D. Steinbach, R. Neubert, S. Gersdorf, C. Schimpf, D. Erb, D. Rafaja, F. A. Plamper, F. Mertens

Adsorption of Ferritin at Nanofaceted Al2O3 Surfaces

B. K. Pothineni, S. Kollmann, X. Li, G. Grundmeier, D. Erb, A. Keller

Roadmap for focused ion beam technologies

K. Höflich, G. Hobler, F. I. Allen, T. Wirtz, G. Rius, A. Krasheninnikov, M. Schmidt, I. Utke, N. Klingner, M. Osenberg, L. McElwee-White, R. Córdoba, F. Djurabekova, I. Manke, P. Moll, M. Manoccio, J. M. de Teresa, L. Bischoff, J. Michler, O. de Castro, A. Delobbe, P. Dunne, O. V. Dobrovolskiy, N. Freese, A. Gölzhäuser, P. Mazarov, D. Koelle, W. Möller, F. Pérez-Murano, P. Philipp, F. Vollnhals, G. Hlawacek

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  • Open Access Logo Applied Physics Reviews 10(2023)4, 041311
    arXiv: 2305.19631
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    Eu-F-N workshop, 07.-09.06.2023, Zürich, Schweiz
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    FIT4NANO workshop, 17.-19.07.2023, Lisbon, Portugal
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    AVS69, 05.-10.11.2023, Portland, USA

Universal radiation tolerant semiconductor

A. Azarov, J. G. Fernández, J. Zhao, F. Djurabekova, H. He, R. He, Ø. Prytz, L. Vines, U. Bektas, P. Chekhonin, N. Klingner, G. Hlawacek, A. Kuznetsov

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Direct magnetic manipulation of a permalloy nanostructure by a focused cobalt ion beam

J. Pablo-Navarro, N. Klingner, G. Hlawacek, A. Kakay, L. Bischoff, R. Narkovic, P. Mazarov, R. Hübner, F. Meyer, W. Pilz, J. Lindner, K. Lenz

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  • Secondary publication expected from 26.10.2024

Fluctuation Electron Microscopy on Amorphous Silicon and Amorphous Germanium

D. Radić, M. Peterlechner, M. Posselt, H. Bracht

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Transport properties of Fe60Al40 during the B2 to A2 structural phase transition

S. Sorokin, M. S. Anwar, G. Hlawacek, R. Boucher, J. Salgado Cabaco, K. Potzger, J. Lindner, J. Faßbender, R. Bali

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Bottom-up Fabrication of FeSb₂ Nanowires on Crystalline GaAs Substrates with Ion-induced Pre-patterning

T. Weinert, D. Erb, R. Hübner, S. Facsko

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The Impact of Energy Filtering on Fluctuation Electron Microscopy

D. Radic, M. Peterlechner, M. Posselt, H. Bracht

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Deterministic multi-level spin orbit torque switching using focused He+ ion beam irradiation

J. Kurian, A. Joseph, S. Cherifi-Hertel, C. Fowley, G. Hlawacek, P. Dunne, M. Romeo, G. Atcheson, J. M. D. Coey, B. Doudin

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Y doping of BaZrO3 may lead to optimum conditions for proton conduction at operating temperature of solid oxide fuel cells: A first principles study

R. Nadarajan, M. Devaraj, S. V. M. Satyanarayana, M. Posselt

Tailoring crosstalk between localized 1D spin-wave nanochannels using focused ion beams

V. Iurchuk, J. Pablo-Navarro, T. Hula, R. Narkovic, G. Hlawacek, L. Körber, A. Kakay, H. Schultheiß, J. Faßbender, K. Lenz, J. Lindner

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CMOS-compatible manufacturability of sub-15 nm Si/SiO2/Si nanopillars containing single Si nanodots for single electron transistor applications

J. Borany, H.-J. Engelmann, K.-H. Heinig, E. Amat, G. Hlawacek, F. Klüpfel, R. Hübner, W. Möller, M.-L. Pourteau, G. Rademaker, M. Rommel, L. Baier, P. Pichler, F. Perez-Murano, R. Tiron

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