Ion Technology - Implantation & Irradiation Conditions

Following table provides a quick overview about implantation/irradiation conditions, which can be realized using our machine park. In individual cases certain restrictions can apply when combining certain irradiation parameters. Please contact us for further information.

Ion species

H - Bi

(molecular ions & isotope spearation posssible)

no radioactive isotopes, no deuterium

Ion energy

30 eV - 55 MeV

Depth range

few Ångström up to ~150 µm (in Si)


107 - 1022 cm-2

Samples size

up to Ø 200 mm

Incidence angle

0° - 90°

Beam Current

pA - mA (depending on ion species, energy )

Sample cooling

liquid nitrogen available

Sample heating

up to 1100 °C


< 2.5x10-6 mbar (typically)

Special chambers

for continous sample rotation

Additional features

in-situ electrical measurements,
defined partial gas pressures

 Air cleanliness

up to class 5 (DIN EN ISO 14644)