Prof. Dr. Anton Wallner

Head Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and Isotope Research
Phone: +49 351 260 3274

User access - FWIR

Of course, we are performing AMS measurements also for external users. For scientific purposes you can apply for beamtime. Detailed instructions about the procedure are given in "How to get AMS data from DREAMS for external users". After positive evaluation by an (external) committee, you will get free beamtime at DREAMS for your samples. Before starting to write a proposal, please contact us for further information.

An overview of all ion beam methods (modification and analytics) and add-on-services can be found in the "Ion Beam Centre Flyer". Page 7 contains the AMS part.

If you want to perform AMS sample preparation in your own lab, please contact us at the latest BEFORE pressing BeO, Al2O3 etc. in target holders finding out DREAMS specifications such as the best compound-metal mixing ratio (BeO:Nb, 1:4; Al2O3:Ag, 1:1; CaF2:Ag, 1:4., Rugel et al. 2013), nomenclature, labelling of cathodes and containers.

Cathode container

Additionally, we offer "in-house-training" for AMS sample preparation in our chemistry labs at HZDR, which are already functional since 2009. Unique in Germany, is the possibility to prepare 36Cl- and 129I-samples in a Cl- and S-free lab environment (see also above). If you are interested in setting up your own sample preparation labs, please do not hesitate to contact us for our mentoring programme.

(Former) Users:

Christof Sager, TU Berlin

Felix Stäger

Felix Stäger, U Hannover

Anica Weller, U Hannover

Anica Weller, U Hannover

Pilar Jeanneret
Pilar Jeanneret

Konstanze Stübner,
U Potsdam

Zsófia Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger

Zsófia Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger,
Research Centre for Astronomy & Earth Sciences Budapest (HU)

Patricia Rauh, U Jena

Patricia Rauh, U Jena

Anna Wypukol, FU Berlin &
Alfred Wegener Institute Potsdam

Tom Kieck

Tom Kieck, U Mainz


Amélie Chabilan, TU Dresden

Carlos Rossi, Complutense University (Madrid)

Carlos Rossi, Complutense University, Madrid (E)

Katharina Stock, Gymnasium Bedburg & Collin Tiessen, U Ottawa (CAN)

Katharina Stock, Gymnasium Bedburg
& Collin Tiessen, U Ottawa (CAN)

Rebecca Querfeld

Rebecca Querfeld, U Hannover

Carolin ZORN

Carolin Zorn, GFZ Potsdam

Sebastian GEHRING

Sebastian Gehring,
U Innsbruck (A)

Tina Köhler, AWI

Tina Köhler,
Alfred Wegener Institute Potsdam


Sébastien Pivot
U Aix-Marseille III (F)

Sujan, Michal

Michal Šujan,
Comenius U Bratislava (SK)

Oliver Forstner, Helmholtz Institute Jena

Oliver Forstner,
Helmholtz Institute Jena

Spyros-Christos Olivotos, GFZ Potsdam

Spyros-Christos Olivotos,
GFZ Potsdam

Anne-Sophie Meriaux,
U Newcastle (UK)

Lisa LUNA, U Potsdam

Lisa Luna, U Potsdam

Ezequiel Garcia Morabito, U Bern (CH)

Ezequiel Garcia Morabito,
U Bern (CH)

Andreas GÄRTNER, Senckenberg Dresden

Andreas Gärtner,
Senckenberg Dresden

Luisa von Albedyll, AWI Potsdam

Luisa von Albedyll,
Alfred Wegener Institute Potsdam

Lars ZIPF, U Heidelberg

Lars Zipf, U Heidelberg

Jane Lund Andersen

Jane Lund Andersen, U Aarhus (DK)


Elisa Pernak, TUBA Freiberg

Swenja Rosenwinkel, U Potsdam

Swenja Rosenwinkel, U Potsdam

Tomas STOR, Charles Universität, Prag (CZ)

Tomas Stor,
Charles University, Prag (CZ)

Michaela Srncik, ANU

Michaela Fröhlich (nee Srncik),
Australian National University (AUS)

Darío Rodrigues, TANDAR

Darío Rodrigues,
TANDAR, Buenos Aires (AR)

Marie KANSTRUP, U Aarhus, DK

Marie Kanstrup, U Aarhus (DK)

Thomas SMITH, U Bern

Thomas Smith, U Bern (CH)

Cornelia Wilske

Cornelia Wilske, UFZ Halle

Vasila Sulaymonova

Vasila Sulaymonova, TUBA Freiberg

Guillem Domènech i Surinyach (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Guillem Domènech i Surinyach,
U Politècnica de Catalunya (E)

Lisa Michel und Rebecca Schmidt

Lisa Michel & Rebecca Schmidt,
TU Dresden

Angela Landgraf, U Potsdam

Angela Landgraf, U Potsdam

Peter Ludwig, TU Munich

Peter Ludwig, TU Munich

Jenny Feige

Jenny Feige, VERA, U Vienna (A)

Anna Seither, TUBAF

Anna Seither, TUBA Freiberg


Aurore Hutzler,
CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence (F)

Ines Röhringer

Ines Röhringer, U Bayreuth

Cengiz YILDIRIM (GZF/U Potsdam)

Cengiz Yilderim, U & GFZ Potsdam

Maggi Fuchs & Katja Klemm (TUBA Freiberg)

Maggi Fuchs & Katja Klemm,
TUBA Freiberg

Bernhard Kuczewski

Bernhard Kuczeweski, U Cologne

Working in the AMS chemistry lab

Christoff Andermann,
TUBA Freiberg & U Rennes (F)

See the last steps of 10Be-, 26Al-, 41Ca-target preparation for AMS measurements @ DREAMS (Power-Point-/Movie-Animation; 137 MB!!!):


Visiting DREAMS to learn more about it

Students from TU Berlin, Lecture

We are proud of DREAMS and our work! We love to explain how and why! Please contact us to schedule your visit!

The picture shows students from TU Berlin, Lecture "Nuclear astrophysics", with Jenny Feige (TUB) and Georg Rugel (HZDR) in front of the DREAMS accelerator tank.


Prof. Dr. Anton Wallner

Head Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and Isotope Research
Phone: +49 351 260 3274