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Reports of the HZDR

Annual Reports

The online annual reports of the HZDR summarize the most important events, research results as well as facts and figures of the respective year.

Online Annual Report 2018

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Graphen-Terahertzstrahlung Hochformat ©Copyright: HZDR/Juniks

Emission of harmonic THz oscillations in graphs

Source: HZDR/Juniks


Words of Welcome

Scientific Highlights

Calendar of Events

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Personnel Matters and Awards

PhD Degrees

Facts and Figures

Reports from Previous Years

All annual reports from 2007 onwards are available as electronic editions here. Those contain short summaries with the most important research highlights, events, personnel matters as well as data, facts and figures.

Annual reports published before 2007 are only available as PDF files. Please follow the links in the list:

In addition, two scientific institutes at the HZDR publish their own annual reports:

Scientific Reports

Edited in English language, they report on the research conducted in the HZDR's research programmes. Each volume is made of three parts.

Scientific Reports 2007 - 2008

Advanced Materials Research

Cancer Research

Nuclear Safety Research

Titelbild Wissenschaftliche Berichte 2007-2008 Advanced Materials Research Titelbild Wissenschaftliche Berichte 2007-2008 Cancer Research Titelbild Wissenschaftliche Berichte 2007-2008 Nuclear Safety Research
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Scientific Reports 2004 - 2007

Structure of Matter

Life Sciences

Environment and Safety

Programmbericht Structure of Matter Programmbericht Life Sciences Environment and Safety
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