Prof. Dr. Jens Pietzsch

Head Radio­pharma­ceutical and Chemical Biology
Phone: +49 351 260 2622

Metabolic and Immune Imaging Biomarkers

The research activities of this group are dedicated to new metabolism and immune system-directed predictive and prognostic imaging biomarkers. This includes the use of antibody derivatives, peptides, or small molecules for evaluating the functional expression of specific molecules or characterizing metabolic or immune-modulatory cells and mechanisms, primarily in tumor microenvironment. Such biomarkers enable a non-invasive assessment of targets suitable for antibodies or other therapeutic strategies targeting a specific antigen. They also identify tumor targets suitable for immuno-oncological strategies, including combination therapies, and allow for the visualization of immune components crucial to the tumor microenvironment. This also includes approaches for non-invasive monitoring of biodistribution, trafficking and fate of immune cells in order to preclinically evaluate mechanisms of their tissue-specific colonization and possibly their therapeutic efficacy. Additionally, we pursue innovative approaches leading to the identification of pharmacodynamic and response biomarkers.

Recent key publications

Projects (multicenter)

  • Development and preclinical characterization of radio(immune)theranostic approaches targeting human fibroblast activation protein (FAP) within in the Helmholtz International Laboratory MHELTHERA

Research initiatives

Further publications on our hypotheses and approaches

  • ref. targeting receptor tyrosine kinases: [1]