Dr. Manja Kubeil

Research Topic Group Leader
Marie Curie Alumna
Radio­pharma­ceutical and Chemical Biology
Phone: +49 351 260 2442

Prof. Dr. Jens Pietzsch

Head of Department
Radio­pharma­ceutical and Chemical Biology
Phone: +49 351 260 2622

Radiometals and Functional Labeling Chemistry

The research activities of this group are dedicated to the chemical and radiochemical development and characterization of novel compounds that can be used for both imaging and therapy of tumors with the same underlying targeting molecule (theranostics). We pursue innovative approaches involving the combination of radiometals with diverse properties, various chelator systems, and, for instance, near-infrared dyes for the labeling of peptides, proteins, antibodies, as well as low-molecular-weight compounds. In doing so, the entire methodological repertoire of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and radiochemistry is employed. Our core expertise and particular interest lie in radiolabeling using copper nuclides 61 (positron emitter), 64 (positron/Auger emitter), and 67 (electron/gamma emitter), as well as other radionuclides that fulfill the requirements of a so-called matched pair.

Recent key publications

Projects (multicenter)

  • Development of bispidine-based chelators with various ring sizes and different substituents in collaboration with the Comba group (Heidelberg University)
  • Development of radio- and fluorescence labeling approaches for targeted cancer theranostics within in the Helmholtz International Laboratory MHELTHERA
  • Development of multimodal theranostic radiopharmaceuticals (funded by the Programme for the project-related exchange of persons (DAAD) Australia 2024 in collaboration with the Robinson group and the Tuck group at Monash University)

Further publications on our hypotheses and approaches

  • Development of photoactivable metal complexes for cancer therapy [1]
  • Nanogels as drug carriers and radiopharmaceutical agents [2]