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Equipment Nanocomposite Materials

ClusterTool - Multifunctional UHV System -

The ClusterTool offers excellent conditions to realize experiments and investigations for different materials systems. A major advantage of the setup is the ability to perform interdisciplinary multi-step experiments. In situ RBS, Raman, ERDA and Ellipsometry measurements allow detailed investigations of the materials structure and properties during annealing (up to 1000°C) without breaking the vacuum. Multi-step experiments involving thin film growth, annealing in vacuum or gas/plasma environments, surface and structure modification and ion beam analysis, provided by the 6 MV beamline of the Ion Beam Center at HZDR, can be performed at the ClusterTool.

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Dr. M. Krause,, 0351 / 260 - 3578

ClusterTool - 		Multifunctional UHV System
3D-model of the ClusterTool
in-situ Raman-spectroscopy chamber distrubution chamber environmental chamber sputter chamber UHV tribometer ion beam analyse chamber ERDA chamber load lock storage chamber
System Components Details
Raman spectroscopy chamber
  • in situ Raman

  • laser wavelength 473 nm; 523 nm

  • sample heating up to 800°C
distrubution chamber
  • radial distribution chamber with connection ports to surrounding vacuum chambers

environmental chamber
  • simulation of different atmospheres , in situ ellipsometry and reflectometry 380-1680 nm

  • rotating compensator configuration
  • fast data acquisition: 1-5 sec/spectrum
  • spectral range:
  • M-2000V (QTH lamp): 1.24 - 3.3 eV
  • M-2000FI (Xe lamp): 0.73 - 5.9 eV
  • sample heating up to 800°C
sputtering chamber
  • sputtering deposition (2" targets)

  • plasma etching

  • plasma modification
  • sample heating up to 800°C
UHV tribometer
  • force sensor with 1 mN and 10 mN
  • oscillating and rotary drive
  • different atmospheres
  • sample heating up to 100°C
ion beam analysis chamber
  • in situ RBS measurements

  • in situ ERDA measurements
  • sample heating up to 800°C
storage chamber
  • sample storage in UHV

Ion Beam Sputtering / Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBS/IBAD) - Dual ion beam deposition

IBAD beam during deposition
  • 3 cm Kaufman ion source, ion energy 100-1200 eV

  • Plasma bridge neutralization of the sputtering beam

  • 3 cm assistant Kaufman source, ion energy 25-1200 eV

  • 6” target (selection of materials Ti,Ag,Ni,Co,Cr,Ge,Fe,Ta,Mo,Zr,Nb,Mn,C,SiO3,Si)

  • Growth rates 1-10 nm/min measurable by rate monitor

  • sample heating up to 600°C

High Power Impulse Magnetron sputtering setup (HiPIMS)

High Power Impulse Magnetron sputtering
  • 3“ targets (selection of materials Ti,Mo,C,WC,Cu,Al,Mo,Zr,Ni,W)

  • Super Imposed Pulse Power Supply, MELEC GmbH

  • different modes possible: unipolar pulsing, bipolar pulsing

  • rotatable sample holder

DC Magnetron sputtering setup

Magnetron Sputtering
  • reactive/non-reactive sputtering

  • 3" heatable substrate holder

  • substrate XYZ-manipulator and heating option up to 600°C

  • process gas: Ar, Reactive gases: O2, N2, H2

  • plasma emmisson monitoring

  • 2" and 3" targets (selection of materials B,BN,Si,C,In,InSn,Sn,SnZn,Zn,Cu,Al,Cr,Ag,Mo,Al,V,Nb,Ti)

Annealing chamber

Annealing Chamber
  • 1" heatable substrate holder,temperatures up to 900 °C

  • annealing atmospheres: Ar, O2, defined pressure

  • in situ four point probe integrated for monitoring of electrical properties evolution during annealing of thin films

Nanoindenter UNAT from Asmec with Scratch Modul

  • mesurement range:1 mN-1500 mN

Angle of contact measuring device Krüss DSA 10

Angel of contact measuring device
  • determine surface energy

Solid Spec 3700DUV (Shimadzu)

Shimadzu SolidSpec3700
  • Spectral photometer:
    • Direct detection unit, spectral range: 190-3300 nm (N2 purging: 165-3300 nm)
    • Integrating sphere (Spectralon): 200-2600 nm
    • Detectors: photomultiplier (165-1000 nm), PbS (700-1800 nm), InGaAs (1600-3300 nm)
    • Sample size (max): 4 cm x 50 cm x 70 cm
  • Application
    • Precise measurements of transmittance and reflectance spectra
    • Reflectance from the strongly scattering surfaces

Ellipsometer (Woollam M-2000)

Ellipsometer (Woollam)
  • Ellipsometer
    • Fixed-angle illumination-detection geometry
    • rotating compensator
    • Wavelength range 211 nm to 1688 nm
    • evaluation software WVASE

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