Porträt Dr. Fähler, Sebastian; FWIN-X

Dr. Sebastian Fähler

Group lea­der "Ferroic materials, films and devices"
Phone: +49 351 260 2775

Head of research group: PD Dr. Sebastian Fähler

Ferroic materials comprise ferromagnetic, ferroelastic and ferroelectric materials. These functional materials react to external stimuli like temperature, magnetic or electric fields, and stress, which makes new functionalities possible. We cover the complete range of current scientific question, from fundamental aspects on the underlying principle, preparation of better materials to the implementation in novel devices and examine the following ferroic materials: We analyze (magnetic) shape memory alloys films, which are suitable for microactuators and use epitaxial films as a model system to understand the formation of the martensitic microstructure. To achieve a more efficient refrigeration, our research covers magnetocaloric films and multicaloric effects, which occur when straining magnetocaloric films by ferroelectric substrates. As an additional energy material, we examine thermomagnetic materials and their application in thermomagnetic generators and microsystems, which represents a promising approach for the conversion of low temperature waste heat to electricity.


Foto: Group photo Ferroic Materials, Films and Devices ©Copyright: Dr. Sebastian Fähler

Group photo Ferroic Materials, Films and Devices

Source: Dr. Fähler, Sebastian


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Yuru Ge707/2222349 student
Bruno Neumann707/2242475
b.neumannAthzdr.dePhD-student energy harvesting with shape memory alloys

Research Topics

  • Ferroic Cooling
  • Magnetocaloric Films
  • Thermomagnetic Generators
  • Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys
  • Hard Magnetic Films

Research Projects