Nanocomposite Materials


Our group is working on design, synthesis, formation mechanisms, properties, and applications of low-dimensional materials,nanocomposites and multi-layer thin films. We are using state of the art PVD techniques and unique instrumentation for in situ processing, modification and analysis of materials. Application-related activities are focused on solar thermal electricity generation, reduction of friction losses in combustion engines and pre-defined, stable catalyst templates for diameter-selective carbon nanotube growth.

Scheme Nanocomposite Materials

Research Topics

  • New generation of solar selective coatings: design, in situ characterization & modification, and environmental testing
  • Structure formation mechanisms in low-dimensional materials and nanocomposites
  • Self-organized pattern formation during thin film growth
  • Tribological coatings


  • 2019, April 22nd - 26th, 2019 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, Phönix, USA, Co-organization of symposium ES08: Materials challenges in Surfaces and Coatings for Solar Thermal Technologies,
  • 2018, December 3rd – 4th, final project meeting of the RISE EU project FRIENDS2 at HZDR
  • 2018, September 26th, 4th Workshop of the RISE EU project FRIENDS2 at Profactor GmbH, Steyr, Austria, “Science-to business translation of knowledge”

Running Projects

2016-2020 Helmholtz Energy Materials Foundry (HEMF) “Structure formation and analysis of absorber coatings for solar thermal electricity generation“
2015-2018 H2020 RISE EU project "Framework of Innovation for Engineering of New Durable Solar Surfaces (FRIENDS2)"

Completed Projects

2014-2017 BMBF-Project 05K13OD1, Verbundprojekt 05K2013 - Teilprojekt 2 „Development and setup of an in situ tribology, RBS and Raman experiment - modification and analysis of tribological coatings
2012-2016 Framework Collaboration Agreement between the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf and Abengoa Research S.L., Seville, Spain
2013-2015 R&D Agreement, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf and Abengoa Research S.L., Seville, Spain "In situ Ellipsometry and Emissivity Measurements of Solar Selective Coatings at Elevated Temperatures
2012-2014 ECEMP Teilprojekt D1,SAB LEI 100 114 022 "Carbon-based functional coatings for tribological applications (Carbonfunctcoat)"
2010-2012 ECEMP Teilprojekt D1,SAB Nr.13857/2379 "Nanoscaled functional carbon-based coatings (Nanocarbcoat)"
2010-2013 BMBF TUR 09/211 "RainbowEnergy", Project No.3424103021
2006-2010 6th Framework EU-Project "Fullerene-based Opportunities for Robust Engineering: Making Optimised Surfaces for Tribology contacts(Foremost)", NMP3-CT-2005-515840

Selected publications (since 2016)


Dr. Matthias Krause

Head Transport Phenomena in Nanostructures
Phone: +49 351 260 3578