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Hybrid Magnetic Materials:

microscopic origin – macroscopic results

Supported by DFG grant: FA 314/3-1


Prof. Dr. Jeffrey McCord (Universität Kiel)

Dr. Jörg Raabe (Swiss Light Source, Villigen)

Dr. Stephen McVitie (Univ. Glasgow)

Dr. Peter Fischer (Center for X-ray Optics, Advanced Light Source, Berkeley)


The correlation between artificially generated magnetic domain configurations and effective magnetic properties, i. e., magnetic anisotropy, exchange coupling and interlayer exchange coupling, is investigated. The artificial domain structures are created by means of ion irradiation techniques, which allow a modification of the magnetic parameters on a length scale similar to or even below the exchange correlation length (typically ~ 10 – 1000 nm). Thereby completely new domain walls and domain configurations, which are not possible in conventional thin films, are created. With further miniaturization the domains vanish and an „effective“ material with new properties, neither observed in fully irradiated nor in the non-irradiated films. These are so-called hybrid materials.

First, the basic understanding of simple model systems, as for example at the transition between to different areas with different magnetic parameters, quasi two dimensional structures or magnetic point defects, is the goal. In a second step the functional relation between microscopic patterns and integral magnetic properties is investigated.


Hybrid Sketch Hybrid Kerr

Sketch of a local Cr implantation in a permalloy film.

a), b): Parallel to the stripe axis demagnetized state;
c), d) different domain configurations during magnetization reversal
e) and f) domain configuration in remanence and close to coercivity, in print


Jürgen Fassbender
Monika Fritzsche
Julia Osten
Manuel Langer
Kilian Lenz
Anja Banholzer
Andreas Neudert
Thomas Strache

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