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Prof. Dr. Gianaurelio Cuniberti

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Apply for Green ICT Award 2024, deadline April 30th

Ahmad Echresh defended his PhD thesis at TU Dresden, Faculty of Physics - Congratulations!

Helmholtz funding of NanoNet expired, but the network will continously promote collaboration and exchange of ideas.
Thanks to all members and partners.
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Submit abstract for Makro 2024, deadline April 29th

E-MRS Spring Meeting 2024, Strassbourg, FR

DRC 2024, College Park, MD, US

NanoNet+11 Workshop 2024, Plauen

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IHRS NanoNet was funded by Initiative and Networking Fund of Helmholtz Association (VH-KO-606) until Dec 2020.

PhD seminars

PhD seminar series will be held twice a year, in which each doctoral candidate is expected to give a presentation within 8, 18, and 30 months of joining the research school. For each candidate, the presentations at the PhD seminars should precede a respective TAC meeting.

  • 1st year students
    (joined NanoNet < 8 M)
Presentation of own PhD project plan
(discussion of work plan, milestones and alternative approaches)
  • 2nd year students
    (joined NanoNet < 18 M)
Presentation of own scientific results
(mid-term evaluation of the PhD project)
  • 3rd year students
    (joined NanoNet < 30 M)
Presentation of results, achievements and discussion of final steps for the successful finalization of the thesis  

Details on the next PhD Seminar can be found in our event calendar.

The tentative list of speakers for the next Seminar and an illustrated list of previous PhD Seminars can be found here.

The attendance to the PhD Seminars is compulsory for all NanoNet members.