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Apply for Green ICT Award 2024, deadline April 30th

Ahmad Echresh defended his PhD thesis at TU Dresden, Faculty of Physics - Congratulations!

Helmholtz funding of NanoNet expired, but the network will continously promote collaboration and exchange of ideas.
Thanks to all members and partners.
Stay in contact!


Submit abstract for Makro 2024, deadline April 29th

E-MRS Spring Meeting 2024, Strassbourg, FR

DRC 2024, College Park, MD, US

NanoNet+11 Workshop 2024, Plauen

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IHRS NanoNet was funded by Initiative and Networking Fund of Helmholtz Association (VH-KO-606) until Dec 2020.

NanoNet+ Annual Workshop 2024

The Annual Workshop of the International Helmholtz Research School (IHRS) for Nanolectronic Networks (NanoNet) and the Department of Nanoelectronics of HZDR will take place at the Jugendherberge Plauen on September 18-20, 2024. It will be organized in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Vojislav Krstic (Applied Physics, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg), and Dr. Otakar Frank (Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry (CAS), Prague, CZ). This workshop will be 11 years after the first workshop of IHRS NanoNet in 2013.
The topics of the workshop are 2D Materials for Electronics and Sensing.
For registration details see below.

Plauen 2024

Some impressions will come soon. WE Heraeus-Foundation Logo

Participants 2023

More Impressions will come soon.

Keynote speakers for 2024

  • Prof. Vojislav Krstic (FAU Univ Erlangen-Nuremberg, www) - Title tba
  • Dr. Otakar Frank (Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry (CAS), Prague, CZ, www) - Deformations in 2D materials
  • Dr. Dmitry Momotenko (Ossietzky Univ Oldenburg, www) - tba
To be confirmed - stay excited:
  • Prof. Tibor Grasser (TU Wien, AT)

More will be announced soon.

Contributed Talks

will be given by PhD students, members of the organizing groups, and guests:

  • Bukhari, Adeel (CAS Prague, CZ) - tba (or poster)
  • Fekri, Zahra (HZDR) - tba
  • Hanusova, Michaela (CAS Prague, CZ) - tba (or poster)
  • Hulman, Martin (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, SK) - tba
  • Jagtap, Nagesh (HZDR) - tba
  • Jindra, Martin (CAS Prague, CZ) - tba
  • Kolesnik-Gray, Maria (FAU Erlangen) - tba
  • Mohan, Resma (CAS Prague, CZ) - tba (or poster)
  • Pirker, Luka (CAS Prague, CZ) - tba
  • Rahova, Jaroslava (CAS Prague, CZ) - tba
  • Rodriguez-Barea, Borja (HZDR) - tba
  • Sahu, Satyam (CAS Prague, CZ) - tba (or poster)
  • Skakalova, Viera (Univ Vienna, AT) - tba
  • Smelikova, Valerie (CAS Prague, CZ) - tba (or poster)
  • Sojkova, Michaela (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, SK) - tba
  • Strobel, Carsten (TU Dresden) - Towards Graphene Adjustable-Barriers Phototransistors: p-type Schottky contacts between silicon, germanium and graphene
  • Velicky, Matej (CAS Prague) - tbc

More will be announced soon.


More will be announced soon.

Student Award

The Student Award recognizes the best presentation by a young scientist. It consists of a glass trophy for the winner, a certificate, and a voucher of 50/40/30 EUR for the first/second/third prize.

Program, Abstracts, and Transport

The scientific program will start after lunch on Day 1, and will run until Day 3 lunch time. It will include keynote talks, contributed talks, and one poster session on Day 1.
Keynote talks will be scheduled for about 40+10 minutes,
Contributed talks for about 20+5 minutes.
Posters will be on display the whole time. Format should be A0 in portrait orientation.
An Abstract should be submitted for every talk and poster latest August 20th - use the Word template ( 17 kB ), or send a camera-ready one-page A4-PDF.
At Arrival, Sept 18, we recommend to take regional train (Deutsche Bahn, about 2h) from Dresden-Hauptbahnhof leaving every hour. There is no reservation required.
The youth hostel Plauen is about 20 minutes walk from Plauen, Oberer Bahnhof, or take a tram for a few stops.
At departure, Sept 20, we will leave after lunch at around 2 pm.
For individual travel, this might help: Route and time table from Dresden-Hbf to Plauen @ Google-maps, Route and time table from Plauen to Dresden @ Google-maps


More info will follow in time.

Workshop Venue: Jugendherberge Plauen

Impressions from Plauen will come soon. Here are some pics from Sayda 2023.

JH Sayda Fassade JH Sayda JH Sayda Meeting Room JH Sayda Ski Fence JH Sayda Ore Mine Entrance
Participation in the workshop program is by invitation only, guests are very welcome. If you would like to join us, please contact the NanoNet coordinator by email, there are still spots available. .

This workshop is organized by the International Helmholtz Research School for Nanoelectronic Networks (IHRS NanoNet) and the Department Nanoelectronics at HZDR in cooperation with FAU Erlangen and CAS Prague (CZ).
An application for financial support is under review by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation Hanau.