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Ahmad Echresh defended his PhD thesis at TU Dresden, Faculty of Physics - Congratulations!

Helmholtz funding of NanoNet expired, but the network will continously promote collaboration and exchange of ideas.
Thanks to all members and partners.
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IHRS NanoNet was funded by Initiative and Networking Fund of Helmholtz Association (VH-KO-606) until Dec 2020.

NanoNet+ Annual Workshop 2022

The Annual Workshop of the International Helmholtz Research School (IHRS) for Nanolectronic Networks (NanoNet) and the Departments of Nanoelectronics and of Semiconductor Materials of HZDR took place at the Jugendherberge Görlitz on October 4-6, 2022. This was exactly 10 years after the foundation of NanoNet in 2012.
The topics of the workshop are 2D Materials and ultra-high doped semiconductors: electronics, photonics and sensing.

Görlitz 2022

Görlitz Untermarkt Görlitz Flüsterbogen Görlitz Landeskrone Görlitz Upper Lusation Library of Science WE Heraeus-Foundation Logo

Participants 2022

Impressions from Görlitz can be found in the Picture Gallery.
Route and train time table from Dresden-Neustadt to Görlitz @ Google-maps

Keynote speakers

NanoNet Portrait Andre Heinzig

Dr. Andre Heinzig

Senior Scientist, TU Dresden, Institute of Semiconductors and Microsystems, Chair of Nanoelectronics, and NaMLab gGmbH, Dresden, Germany

  • Field: Reconfigurable Nanowire Electronics
  • Homepage:
  • Lecture: Reconfigurable electronics based on 1D and 2D nanostructures

NanoNet Portrait Dietrich Zahn

Prof. Dr. Dietrich R.T. Zahn

Chair for Seminconductor Physics, TU Chemnitz, Germany

  • Field: Spectroscopic Characterisation of Interfaces, Ultra-thin Films, and Low-dimensional Structures
  • Homepage:
  • Lecture: Tip-enhanced spectroscopies for studying 2-dimensional semiconductors and their interfaces, PDF ( 8,7 MB )

NanoNet Portrait Inga Fischer

Prof. Dr. Inga Fischer

Chair for Experimental Physics and Functional Materials, BTU Cottbus, Germany

  • Field: Group-IV semiconductor nano- and optoelectronic devices
  • Homepage:
  • Lecture: Integrated Refractive Index Sensors: Combining Plasmonic Nanostructures with Group-IV Devices, PDF ( 8,5 MB , HZDR internal only)

NanoNet Portrait Rudolf Bratschitsch

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bratschitsch

Chair for Ultrafast Solid-State Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics, WWU Münster, Germany

  • Field: "Controlling light and matter on ultrafast and ultrasmall scales"
  • Homepage:
  • Lecture: Single-photon emitters in 2D materials

NanoNet Portrait Kambiz Jamshidi

Prof. Dr. Kambiz Jamshidi

Chair of Radio Frequency and Photonics Engineering, TU Dresden, Germany

  • Field: "Integrated Photonic Devices"
  • Homepage:
  • Lecture: Photonic ICs for communications and computing

NanoNet Portrait Otakar Frank

Dr. Otakar Frank

Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry (CAS), Prague, Czech Republic

  • Field: 2D Materials: deformation, functionalization, nanospectroscopy
  • Homepage:
  • Lecture: (Nano)spectroscopic fingerprints of van der Waals interactions in 2D materials, PDF ( 4,5 MB )

CASUS Portrait Michael Bussmann

Dr. Michael Bussmann

Founding Manager CASUS - Center for Advanced Systems Understanding, HZDR, Germany

  • Field: "Computational Radiation Physics"
  • Homepage:
  • Lecture: Understanding matter under extreme conditions at the nanoscale, PDF ( 4,8 MB )

Contributed Talks

will be given by PhD students, members of both departments, and guests:
  • Berencen, Yonder (HZDR) - On the silicon-photonic route to quantum communication and computing
  • Biswas, Subhajit (Cork Univ Coll) - Converting waste heat into electrical energy in ionic nanofluidic membranes
  • Chava, Phanish (HZDR) - Tunneling transport in van der Waals heterojunctions enabled by a two-dimensional device architecture
  • Echresh, Ahmad (HZDR) - Axial p-n junction photodetectors based on single germanium nanowires
  • Fekri, Zahra (HZDR) - Black phosphorus field-effect transistors and their applications
  • Fowley, Ciaran (HZDR) - IBC Cleanroom: capabilities, recent upgrade and future plans
  • Garcia, Aurelio (HZDR) - Environment-dependent friction, Raman and μ-RBS study of MoS2 coatings deposited by filtered Laser-Arc
  • Ghosh, Sayantan (HZDR) - Novel Mixed Dimensional Reconfigurable Field Effect Transistors: Fabrication and Characterization
  • Jagtap, Nagesh (HZDR) - Effect of He+ implantation on nanomechanical resonators in 3C-SiC
  • Khan, Bilal (HZDR) - Towards Atmospheric Radical Sensing: Fabrication of Junctionless Transistors
  • Khan, Moazzam (HZDR) - Group IV Nanowires for Reconfigurable Field Effect Transistors
  • Krause, Matthias (HZDR) - High-temperature in-air stable transparent conductive oxide SnO2:Ta
  • Shaikh, Saif (HZDR) - On-chip room-temperature planar PIN Si:Te photodiodes for short-wavelength infrared detection
  • Steuer, Oliver (HZDR) - Band-gap and strain engineering in Ge1-xSnx alloys using post-growth pulsed laser melting
  • Vardhan, Vaishali (Cork Univ Coll) Junctionless Nanowire Transistor based sensors for Atmospheric pollutants and detergents
  • Yi, Li (HZDR) - Modification of two-dimensional materials using ion implantation

Student Award

The Student Award honours the best presentation of a young scientist. It consists of a glass trophy for the winner, a certificate, and a voucher of 40/40/30 EUR for the first/second/third prize. The vouchers were sponsored by Prof. Sebastian M. Schmidt (first prize), Prof. Artur Erbe (second prize), and PD Dr. Peter Zahn (third prize).
Winner of the First Prize is Sayantan Ghosh from HZDR, the Second Prize went to Oliver Steuer (HZDR), the Third Prize to Vaishali Vardhan from University College Cork (Ireland) - Congratulations.
Next in the ranking were Zahra Fekri, Phanish Chava, Ahmad Echresh, and Saif Shaikh (all HZDR).

Program, Abstracts, and Transport

The Agenda is available here (PDF).
The complete Abstract Booklet can be downloaded here ( 6,3 MB ).
Printed copies will be provided at the conference venue.
Please, consider the environment before printing.
The complete lists of Talks and Posters are available.


An Excursion to Landeskrone the local mountain of Görlitz gave an overview on the Lusatia area, up to Giant Mountains (Riesengebirge, Krkonoše or Karkonosze) and Jizera Mountains (Isergebirge, Jizerské hory, Góry Izerskie) in Poland and Czech Republic. Impressions can be found in the Picture Gallery.
Second option was to visit the Barock-Haus individually. It is just around the corner and hosts the famous library of the Oberlausitzische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften (Upper Lusatia Academy of Sciences), more info here. Open until 5 pm., entrance fee 6 EUR.
More info and maps are available in the abstract booklet.

Workshop Venue

JH Görlitz Fassade JH Görlitz Garden Area JH Görlitz Meeting Room JH Görlitz Family Room
Participation in the workshop program was by invitation only. If you want to participate, please contact the NanoNet coordinator.

This workshop was organized by the International Helmholtz Research School for Nanoelectronic Networks (IHRS NanoNet) and the Departments Nanoelectronics and Semiconductor Materials at HZDR.
Generous financial support by the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung Hanau is kindly acklowledged.