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HZDR Innovators School

HZDR Innovators School - a Helmholtz Transfer Academy

What is the goal of our research? For many scientists, the answer to this question is that they want to put their ideas into practice quickly so that society can benefit from them. This requires not only scientific competence but also entrepreneurial skills. However, because in most cases these first have to be learned,  the HZDR Innovators School has been established since the beginning of 2023. By intensifying and systematically bundling qualification and awareness-raising offers, the Transfer and Innovation Department would like to promote the transfer and entrepreneurship culture at the HZDR on a broad scale in the future.

The HZDR Innovators School is an HGF project that will be implemented 2023-2025 by the Technology Transfer & Innovation staff department together with the Human Resources department and the Postdoc Center HZDR-TUD and other partners such as dresden|exists, HighTech Startbahn, TransferAllianz and HZDR Innovation GmbH. The Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung in Leipzig, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and the Deutsche GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam are involved in the HZDR Innovators School as an advisory board.

Upcoming events:

14.08.2024 | Workshop "Mastering constraints, creativity and design for diverse focused innovative thinking" | with Dr Vladimir Voroshnin

In this in-person workshop, Dr. Vladimir Voroshin, Innovation Manager at HZDR, will show how to improve your problem-solving and question-finding skills using various techniques. The workshop is ideal for people who want to know more about targeted, creative and strategically diverse approaches to challenges in any field. A basic offer for the further development of your own innovative thinking.

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26.08.2024 | Kick-off HZDR AI Lab | with Dr Peter Steinbach

All HZDR employees who (would like to) deal with the topic of AI for their research and are looking for exchange with other researchers and AI experts in order to exploit the full potential for their field are invited to this kick-off in building 114, seminar room 201 of the HZDR. The HZDR AI Lab is open to all disciplines.

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29.08.2024 | Kick-off: "Success Stories, Funding Opportunities at the HZDR Innovation Contest 2024"

This year's HZDR Innovation Contest will start soon! We are looking again for innovative research ideas that have the potential to be efficiently transferred into application. In this kick-off seminar, we will use success stories from recent competitions to show the variety of ideas submitted, give a basic overview of funding opportunities and explain how the submission process for the HZDR Innovation Contest 2024 works (incl. timeline) - this year for the first time with two submission tracks and public voting. The kick-off is open to all interested parties at the HZDR.

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24.09. & 22.10.2024  |  Workshop: “ Poster design effective visual communication of scientific data"

In this workshop, Dr. Helena Jambor shows how scientific data can be prepared creatively and in a target group-oriented way for a poster or presentation. Using basic design principles, communication strategies and concrete examples, participants will learn how to present their own findings and results in an appealing way for an audience.

Note: Participants have o take part in both workshops!

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Recap on the first HZDR Transfer Day on 23th January 2024

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The HZDR Innovators School is part of the

Helmholtz Transfer Academies

This programmes across the Helmholtz Centers should sensitise, motivate and support researchers throughout the innovation process to strengthen the transfer culture of Helmholtz. This includes the establishment and expansion of accelerator programmes and entrepreneurship education initiatives, a wide range of offers for developing skills and methods, the teaching of entrepreneurial basics as well as networking and establishing contacts with helpful partners and companies. In addition to the HZDR Innovators School, the HZDR also participates in other Helmholtz Transfer Academies:

HZDR Innovators School

An online platform with basic offers in sensitisation and further training in the field of transfer for HZDR employees from research and technology.

Coming soon: www.hzdr-academy.de

H3 Health Hub

An online platform for life science entrepreneurship with offers for exchange, further training and joint cross-centre projects.



Three-part training programme exclusive for supervisors who want to use the potential of transfer activities profitably for their team.



Nine-month training programme for researchers and technicians to identify transfer projects and bring them in application - whether knowledge or technology transfer.


Your contact persons for the HZDR Innovators School are:

Porträt Dr. Richter, Anne; FSTT-M

Dr. Anne Richter

Project Manager of the HZDR Innovators School - a Helmholtz Transfer Academy
Marketing and Qualification
Phone: +49 351 260 3851

Porträt Teichmann, Dorit; FSTT-M

Dorit Teichmann

Head Marketing and Qualification
Innovation Manager Life Science
Phone: +49 351 260 2800

Porträt Giebel, Melanie; FSTT-M

Melanie Giebel

Technology Marketing and Alumni Coordinator
Phone: +49 351 260 2062