The broshure presents practical examples regarding the technology and knowledge transfer at the HZDR.

Partners aimed at technology transfer


Department of Technology Transfer and Legal Affairs

Contact persons:

Dr. Björn Wolf - Abteilungsleiter

Dr. Björn Wolf
Head of Technology Transfer
and Legal Affairs

Tel.: +49 351 260-2615


  • Building networks with business
  • Financing of transfer support and transfer projects
  • Management HZDR Innovation Fund
  • Support of start-ups
  • Investment mangement
  • Negotiation of contract terms
  • Controlling and reporting

Contact persons for innovation management

Dr.Thuro Arnold - Innovationsmanager Ressourcenökologie

Dr. Thuro Arnold
Innovation Manager Resource Ecology

Phone: +49 351 260-2432


Uwe Pöpping - Innovationsmanager Fluiddynamik

Uwe Pöpping
Innovation Manager Fluid Dynamics

Phone: +49 351 260-2397


Dorit Teichmann - Innovationsmanagerin Life Science

Dorit Teichmann
Innovation Manager Life Science

Phone: +49 351 260-2800


Stephan Krüger - Innovationsmanager physikalische Technologien/neue Materialien

Stephan Krüger
Innovation Manager
physical technologies / new materials 

Phone: +49 351 260-2180


Stefanie Hartmann_Potrait

Stefanie Hartmann
Innovation Manager

Phone: +49 351 260-2710

The innovation managers assume the following tasks in their area of expertise:

  • Evaluation of inventions and technologies with regard to their application potential and usability
  • Development of systematic exploitation strategies for the commercial exploitation of the research results
  • Building networks with business and customer acquisition / care
  • Support in the preparation of offers and transfer-related grant applications
  • Conduct contract negotiations
  • Management of technology transfer projects
  • Support for start-ups

Contact Persons for for legal affairs and contracts

Merit Grzeganek - Rechtsassessorin

Merit Grzeganek

Phone: +49 351 260-3080


Martina Moravcikova

Martina Moravcikova

Phone: +49 351 260-3647


  • R&D-contracts
  • Cooperation agreements
  • License agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Offers and warranties
  • Service and work contracts
  • Public law
  • EU consortium agreements

Karina Sattler - Administrative Sachbearbeiterin

Karina Sattler
Team assistant
Field of work: contract management

Phone: +49 351 260 3648


  • Contract management
  • Changes in contract status (termination, extension)
  • Administration
  • Assessment requests, general information

Contact persons for patents

Dr. Martin Hiller - Patentassesor

Dr. Martin Hiller
Patent attorney

Phone: +49 351 260-3038


  • Advising inventors and guide property rights issues
  • Processing of invention disclosures and assessment of inventions under technical and patent aspects
  • Preparation of patent and trademark applications
  • Processing of national and international registration and examination procedures
  • Monitoring patent portfolio
  • Advice on employee invention law

Linda Mißbach - Administrative Sachbearbeiterin

Linda Mißbach
Team assistant
Field of work: patents

Phone: +49 351 260-2273


  • Questions about procedures, documents and inventor compensation
  • Viewing and formal checking of documents as well as database maintenance
  • Deadline monitoring and payment concerning property rights

Contact person for start-ups

Sebastian Löbelt-Friedrich_1

Sebastian Löbelt-Friedrich
Start-up Manager

Phone: +49 351 463-31627


  • Care and support of start-ups
  • Consultation of company founders and transfer projects from HZDR, IFW and IPF

Contact person for technology marketing and alumni relation management

Caroline Obermeyer, FSTT

Caroline Obermeyer
Technology marketing and alumni relation management

Phone: +49 351 260-2062


  • Building an alumni network at HZDR
  • Events and education offers for technology transfer managers
  • Technology marketing
  • Knowledge transfer

More contact persons regarding technology transfer at HZDR:


Dr. Björn Wolf
Head Technology Transfer & Legal Affairs
Phone: +49 351 260 2615
Fax: +49 351 260 12615