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Staff Representatives within the HZDR

Works Committee

The works committee stands for the representation of the interests of the employees of the HZDR.. It is independent and works on the basis of the national Works Committee Bill. It is elected by the employees.

Responsible for locations Rossendorf, Leipzig and Grenoble:

Chairwoman: Dr. Anke Richter Phone (Office Works Committee): 0351 / 260 3039
Deputy: Jens Steiner Phone: 0351 / 260 3266
Secretariat Works Committee:  Manuela Grübner Phone: 0351 / 260 3689
    Email (Works Committee):
    Fax: 0351 / 260 13039
    Fax: 0351 / 260 3611

Responsible for location Freiberg:

Chairwoman: Dr. Sabine Kutschke Phone: 0351 / 260 2151 or 4421
Deputy: Anne-Kristin Jentzsch Phone: 0351 / 260 4429

General Works Committee

It is responsible for matters of all locations of a company, which can not be handled by local Works Committees. It consists of 2 members of each Works Committee. Point of contact for employees is still the responsible local Works Committee.

Chairwoman: Dr. Anke Richter Phone: 0351 / 260 3039
Deputy: Dr. Sabine Kutschke Phone: 0351 / 260 2151 or 4421

Youth and Trainee Council

The Youth and Trainee Council represents interests of young employees (up to 18 years) and trainees (up to 25 years) in the HZDR. They work on the basis of the national Works Committee Bill and are elected by the youth and trainees of the HZDR.

Spokeswoman: Leonie Schiekel Phone: 0351 / 260 2879

Representatives of Disabled Employees

The representatives as mentioned above protect the interests of the disabled employees and of those regarded as disabled in the HZDR. They work on the basis of the national Disablement Bill and are elected by the disabled employees of the HZDR.


Spokesman: Dr. Frank Bok Phone: 0351 / 260 3551
Deputy: Emely Haase Phone: 0351 / 260 3306
Member: Jörg Konheiser Phone: 0351 / 260 2416

Equal Rights Commissioner

The equal rights commissioner protects the interests of all HZDR employees. She works on the basis of the Equal Rights Agreement, which is an agreement between the works committee and the management of the HZDR. She is independent. She and her deputy are elected by the female employees of the HZDR.


Commissioner: Franziska Hübner Phone: 0351 / 260 2277
Deputy: Dr. Sandra Hamann Phone: 0351 / 260 3649


The ombudspersons are spokespersons, which may be contacted by anyone employed in the HZDR in the case of misconduct and controversies concerning the "Resolution of the Helmholtz Association about the protection of a proper scientific practise and actions concerning scientific misbehavior". The ombudspersons are elected by the scientists of the HZDR (electoral regulations) and work on the basis of an agreement for the "Protection of a proper scientific practice".


Ombudspersonens: Dr. Eberhard Altstadt Phone: 0351 / 260 2276
  Dr. Guido Juckeland Phone: 0351 / 260 3660