futureSAX Nominee Portrait about Prof. (em.) Jörg Steinbach from HZDR and Jens Junker from ROTOP

Workbook Alumni in KTT

The brochure presents practical examples of the technology and knowledge transfer at the HZDR.

Partners in technology transfer


Department of Technology Transfer and Innovation

Contact persons in matters regarding:

Dr. Björn Wolf - Abteilungsleiter
© A. Forner/HZDR

Dr. Björn Wolf
Head of Technology Transfer 
and Innovation

phone: +49 351 260-2615

e-mail: b.wolf@hzdr.de

  • Business networking
  • Financing of transfer projects
  • Management of the HZDR Innovation Fund
  • Support for spin-offs
  • Investment management
  • Negotiation of contract terms
  • Controlling and reporting

Contact persons for innovation management

Dr.Thuro Arnold - Innovationsmanager Ressourcenökologie

Dr. Thuro Arnold
Innovation Manager Resource Ecology

phone: +49 351 260-2432

e-mail: t.arnold@hzdr.de

Uwe Pöpping - Innovationsmanager Fluiddynamik
© R. Weisflog/HZDR

Uwe Pöpping
Innovation Manager Fluid Dynamics

phone: +49 351 260-2397

e-mail: u.poepping@hzdr.de

Dorit Teichmann - Innovationsmanagerin Life Science
© A. Forner/HZDR

Dorit Teichmann
Innovation Manager Life Science

phone: +49 351 260-2800

e-mail: d.teichmann@hzdr.de

Dr. Rajko Buchwald ©Copyright: M.Giebel/HZDR

Dr. Rajko Buchwald
Innovation Manager
Physical Technologies / New Materials 

phone: +49 351 260-3858

e-mail: r.buchwald@hzdr.de

Stefanie Hartmann_Potrait
© S. Floss/HZDR

Dr. Stefanie Hartmann
Innovation Manager

phone: +49 351 260-2710

e-mail: stefanie.hartmann@hzdr.de

Christian Stewart Christesen - Innovationsmanager Ressourcentechnologie ©Copyright: Grämer, Jana
© A. Forner/HZDR

Christian Stewart Christesen
Innovations Manager
Resource Technologies

phone: +49 351 260 4402

E-Mail: c.christesen@hzdr.de


  • Evaluation of inventions and technologies with regard to their application potential and usability
  • Development of systematic exploitation strategies for the commercial exploitation of research results
  • Business networking, customer acquisition and customer care
  • Support for the preparation of offers and transfer-related grant applications
  • Contract negotiations 
  • Management of technology transfer projects
  • Support for spin-offs

Contact persons for patents

Dr. Martin Hiller - Patent attorney ©Copyright: Grämer, Jana

© A.Forner/HZDR

Dr. Martin Hiller
Patent Professional

phone: +49 351 260-3038

e-mail: patente@hzdr.de

  • Advice for inventors on property rights issues
  • Processing of invention disclosures, assesment of inventions under technical and property rigths aspects
  • Preparation of patent and trademark applications
  • Processing of national and international registration and examination procedures
  • Monitoring of the patent portfolio
Linda Mißbach - Patent administration ©Copyright: Grämer, Jana

© A.Forner/HZDR

Linda Mißbach
IP Paralegal

phone: +49 351 260-2273

e-mail: patente@hzdr.de

  • Queries pertaining to procedures, documents and inventor compensation
  • Document and deadline formalities
  • Database maintenance
  • Payments pertaining to property rights

Contact person for spin-offs

Sebastian Löbelt-Friedrich_1
© R. Gebler/dresden|exists

Sebastian Löbelt-Friedrich

Spin-Off Manager

phone: +49 351 463-31627

e-mail: sebastian.friedrich@dresden-exists.de

  • Support for spin-offs
  • Consultation with company founders and transfer project representatives of the HZDR, IFW and IPF

Contact person for technology marketing and alumni relations management

Melanie Giebel ©Copyright: R. Weisflog

© R. Weisflog/ HZDR

Melanie Giebel

phone: +49 351 260 2062

e-Mail: m.giebel@hzdr.de

Contact person for project controlling

Rudi Müller ©Copyright: HZDR/ M.Giebel

© M.Giebel/ HZDR

Rudi Müller

phone: +49 351 260-3859

E-Mail: r.mueller@hzdr.de

Contact person: Business Development for Helmholtz Innovation Labs

Stephan Krüger

Dipl.-Phys., Manager Technology Transfer
Business Developer "BlitzLab"
Semiconductor Material­s
Phone: +49 351 260 2180

Porträt Parra Ramirez, Mario Alejandro; FWDF

Mario Alejandro Parra Ramirez

Business Development Manager CLEWATEC Clean Water Technology Lab
Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics
Phone: +49 351 260 3787

Porträt Dr. Voitsekhivska, Tetiana; FWID

Dr. Tetiana Voitsekhivska

Business Development Manager "FlexiSens"
Intelligent Material­s and Systems
Phone: +49 351 260 2395

More contact persons regarding technology transfer at the HZDR:


Dr. Björn Wolf

Head HZDR Innovation GmbH
Head Technology Transfer & Innovation
Phone: +49 351 260 2615