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Press Release of 01.07.2022

Advocating a new ­paradigm for electron simulations

Although most fundamental mathematical equations that describe electronic structures are long known, they are too complex to be solved in practice. This has hampered progress in physics, chemistry and the material sciences. Thanks …


Highlight of 29.06.2022

Samstag ist Oldtimer-Tag

Am 2. Juli 2022 gegen 14:30 Uhr werden die Teilnehmer*innen der Campus Classics den Rossendorfer Campus des HZDR erreichen.


Press Release of 27.06.2022

ProtOnART – a new consortium for proton online adaptive radiation therapy

A new consortium for the advancement of Proton Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy, ProtOnART, uniquely brings together researchers, clinicians, and industry. The members of the ProtOnART consortium are OncoRay in Dresden, Germany, and PARTICLE in …



Solidarity with the Ukrainian people

There is no justification for Russia's military attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022. As an international research center, the HZDR condemns this blatant breach of international law. We reject any use of force to resolve political issues. The people of Ukraine – and especially our research partners there – can count on our solidarity. We call on the Russian government to end all military action immediately and we will support Russian civilians in their position against this senseless war.More

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