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Zatsepin, A. F.; Zatsepin, D. A.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Fitting, H. J.; Schmidt, B. and others

Formation of Ge-0 and GeOx nanoclusters in …

Applied Surface Science 349(2015), 780-784


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New options for materials research, geosciences, plasma physics, and astrophysics

Extreme Lab at European X-Ray Laser XFEL is a Go

The Helmholtz Senate has given the green light for the Association's involvement in the Helmholtz International Beamlines (HIB), a new set of experimentation stations at the X-ray laser European XFEL in Hamburg, Germany. As the leading institutes of the international HIB user consortium, the HZDR and DESY were able to secure funding in the amount of 30 million Euros for this project. The majority of the funding will go to HIBEF – “Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Fields”, which will be a key addition to the High-Energy Density Science Instrument (HED) at European XFEL. More


Eine HZDR-Mitarbeiterin an der Handschuhbox; die Boxen sind ein typisches Instrument für Arbeiten in der Radiochemie. Sie schützen die Mitarbeiter und schirmen die Proben gleichzeitig vor Einflüssen aus der Umgebung ab. (HZDR/Oliver Killig)

How can energy and resources be utilized in an efficient, safe, and sustainable way?

How can malignant tumors be more precisely visualized, characterized, and more effectively treated?

How do matter and materials behave under the influence of strong fields and in smallest dimensions?