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Press Release of 07.12.2023

Magnetization by laser pulse: Research team identifies new details of a promising phenomenon

To magnetize an iron nail, one simply has to stroke its surface several times with a bar magnet. Yet, there is a much more unusual method: A team led by the HZDR discovered some time ago that a certain iron alloy can be magnetized with ultrashort laser pulses. The researchers …


Press Release of 06.12.2023

With targeted qualification to a sustainable Circular Economy

Industrial processes generate inevitably of fine-grained residues. Researchers in the FINEST project are looking for solutions to bring these various material streams of anthropogenic origin back into the industrial value chain. A …


Press Release of 04.12.2023

Tiny electromagnets made of ultra-thin carbon: When terahertz pulses strike graphene discs

Graphene, that is extremely thin carbon, is considered a true miracle material. An international research team has now added another facet to its diverse properties with experiments at HZDR: The experts, led by the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), fired short terahertz …



Solidarity with Israel

Horrified and deeply shocked by the terrorist attacks on the State of Israel, we strongly condemn the targeted violence against its civilian population. We mourn the victims and express our full solidarity to the assaulted people, their families and friends.More

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