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The Kraken - drone based data aquisition

Drone technology has been rapidly emerging. However, in the commercial sector where drones tend to operate with a payload of one sensor at a time only, there is a need to enable multisensor surveying. To reach this versatility, we introduce the ultimate heavy lift capable drone “The Kraken“ octocopter drone.

The Kraken is a redundant and customisable multicopter with a maximum thrust of 100kg produced with all 8 motors combined. The Kraken is completely designed with state-of-the-art CAD (Computer-Aided Design) programs, CNC (computer numerical control) machined with the strong and light weight materials, and assembled completely in house with skilled engineers and technicians to the highest precision. 

The Department of Exploration at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg has specialized on drone based data acquisition with various payload categories. The Kraken is made for multi-payload survey missions and has been deployed in 2020 for various field works in Germany and abroad, with various sensors, e.g. hyperspectral camera, magnetometer, infrared thermal camera, short wave infrared camera and a few more sensor that are currently being tested. 

Kraken CAD-Zeichnung ©Copyright: Shaik Fareedh, Junaidh

Technical Specifications

Serial number HIFD20200001

Operational size: 2200x2200x1000 mm (LxWxH)

Folded size: 1000x800x1000cm (LxWxH)

Drone configuration  Flat with rotor fail redundancy
Number of motors 8
Propellor size 24.5” x 8.1” (diameter and pitch in inches)
Drone weight (w/o battery) 14000 grams
Drone weight (with minimum battery configuration) 16000 grams
Maximum take off weight 25000 grams
Max speed 80 km/h
Maximum controllable thrust 75 kg
Power to weight ratio 745 W/kg
Thrust to weight ratio 3:3:1
Body composition  Up to 75 % carbon fiber tubes and plates, aluminum hinges 
Maximum altitude from take off point 100 m (restricted with geo fencing in software)
Max flight time  30 minutes (23 Kgs take off weight)
Max flight time with payload 15 minutes (up to 10 kg payload)
Max wind resistance  Up to 12m/second
Operational temperature 5 degrees to 40 degrees 
Remote communication frequencies  868 mHz
Payload capacity 10 kg maximum payload lifted in the air 

Flight Controller & Electronic Speed Controller

Flight controller type Cube 2.1 Orange by Profi CNC
Firmware  Ardupilot 4.0.3
Processor  STM32H753
Redundancy Triple IMU, dual compass, dual barometer, dual power input
ESC (Electronic Speed Controller ) Max current 80 ampere


GPS type  GPS + GNSS 10 HZ 
Receiver type  72 channel ublox M8N engine 
Processor and sensor  STM32F302, ICM20948 (compass, gyro, accelerometer), MS5611(barometer optional)

Voltage Regulator 

Voltage regulator count 5 (2x flight controller input, 2x payload input, 1x motor lights)
Available voltages 5v/ 5.25v/  6v/ 7.5v/ 12v/ 24v max with 3 amperage 


Minimum battery capacity Lipo 12S 50V 7500 mAh
Maximum battery capacity Lipo 12S 50V 30000 mAh (Recommended)
Burst rating Minimum 15C, maximum 25C
Battery connector  XT 60 
Number of battery inputs 8