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Unraveling the Np(V) Sorption on the Nuclear Fuel Cladding Corrosion Product ZrO₂: a Batch, Spectroscopic and Modeling Combined Approach

Jessat, I.; Foerstendorf, H.; Roßberg, A.; Scheinost, A.; Lützenkirchen, J.; Heim, K.; Stumpf, T.; Jordan, N.

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Europium(III) Meets Etidronic Acid (HEDP): a Coordination Study Combining Spectroscopic, Spectrometric, and Quantum Chemical Methods

Heller, A.; Senwitz, C.; Foerstendorf, H.; Tsushima, S.; Holtmann, L.; Drobot, B.; Kretzschmar, J.

The solubility of oxygen in water and saline solutions

Bok, F.; Moog, H. C.; Brendler, V.

Application of Community Data to Surface Complexation Modeling Framework Development: Iron Oxide Protolysis

Han, S.-C.; Chang, E.; Bok, F.; Zechel, S.; Zavarin, M.

Influence of gluconate on the retention of Eu(III), Am(III), Th(IV), Pu(IV), and U(VI) by C-S-H (C/S = 0.8)

Dettmann, S.; Huittinen, N. M.; Jahn, N.; Kretzschmar, J.; Kumke, M. U.; Kutyma, T.; Lohmann, J.; Reich, T.; Schmeide, K.; Shams Aldin Azzam, S.; Spittler, L.; Stietz, J.

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Eu(III) and Cm(III) Complexation by the Aminocarboxylates NTA, EDTA, and EGTA Studied with NMR, TRLFS, and ITC – An Improved Approach to More Robust Thermodynamics

Friedrich, S.; Sieber, C.; Drobot, B.; Tsushima, S.; Barkleit, A.; Schmeide, K.; Stumpf, T.; Kretzschmar, J.


Combining Batch Experiments and Spectroscopy for realistic Surface Complexation Modelling of the Sorption of Americium, Curium, and Europium onto Muscovite

Bezzina, J. P.; Neumann, J.; Brendler, V.; Schmidt, M.

Phenylarsonic acid–DMPS redox reaction and conjugation investigated by NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction

Kretzschmar, J.; Brendler, E.; Wagler, J.

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A critical review of the solution chemistry, solubility, and thermodynamics of europium: recent advances on the Eu3+ aqua ion and the Eu(III) aqueous complexes and solid phases with the sulphate, chloride, and phosphate inorganic ligands

Jordan, N.; Thoenen, T.; Starke, S.; Spahiu, K.; Brendler, V.

A community data mining approach for surface complexation database development

Zavarin, M.; Chang, E.; Wainwright, H.; Parham, N.; Kaukuntla, R.; Zouabe, J.; Deinhart, A.; Genetti, V.; Shipman, S.; Bok, F.; Brendler, V.

Not just a background: pH buffers do interact with lanthanide ions – a Europium(III) case study

Mandal, P.; Kretzschmar, J.; Drobot, B.

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The effect of four lanthanides onto a rat kidney cell line (NRK-52E) is dependent on the composition of the cell culture medium

Heller, A.; Pisarevskaja, A.; Bölicke, N.; Barkleit, A.; Bok, F.; Wober, J.

Technetium immobilization by chukanovite and its oxidative transformation products: Neural network analysis of EXAFS spectra

Schmeide, K.; Roßberg, A.; Bok, F.; Shams Aldin Azzam, S.; Weiß, S.; Scheinost, A.

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Analysis of technetium immobilization and its molecular retention mechanisms by Fe(II)-Al(III)-Cl layered double hydroxide.

Mayordomo, N.; Rodriguez Hernandez, D. M.; Roßberg, A.; Foerstendorf, H.; Heim, K.; Brendler, V.; Müller, K.

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Impact of the microbial origin and active microenvironment on the shape of biogenic elemental selenium nanomaterials

Fischer, S.; Jain, R.; Krause, T.; Jain, P.; Tsushima, S.; Shevchenko, A.; Hübner, R.; Jordan, N.

A comprehensive study of the sorption mechanism and thermodynamics of f-element sorption onto K-feldspar

Neumann, J.; Brinkmann, H.; Britz, S.; Lützenkirchen, J.; Bok, F.; Stockmann, M.; Brendler, V.; Stumpf, T.; Schmidt, M.

Dimeric and Trimeric Uranyl(VI)–Citrate Complexes in Aqueous Solution

Kretzschmar, J.; Tsushima, S.; Lucks, C.; Jäckel, E.; Meyer, R.; Steudtner, R.; Müller, K.; Roßberg, A.; Schmeide, K.; Brendler, V.

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Simulation of diffusive uranium transport and sorption processes in the Opalinus Clay

Hennig, T.; Stockmann, M.; Kühn, M.

Temperature-dependent luminescence spectroscopic investigations of U(VI) complexation with the halides F- and Cl-

Demnitz, M.; Hilpmann, S.; Lösch, H.; Bok, F.; Steudtner, R.; Patzschke, M.; Stumpf, T.; Huittinen, N. M.

New insights into 99Tc(VII) removal by pyrite: A spectroscopic approach

Rodriguez Hernandez, D. M.; Mayordomo, N.; Scheinost, A.; Schild, D.; Brendler, V.; Müller, K.; Stumpf, T.

Signatures of Technetium Oxidation States: A New Approach

Bauters, S.; Scheinost, A.; Schmeide, K.; Weiß, S.; Dardenne, K.; Rothe, J.; Mayordomo, N.; Steudtner, R.; Stumpf, T.; Abram, U.; Butorin, S.; Kvashnina, K.

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Uranium(VI) Complexes of Glutathione Disulfide Forming in Aqueous Solution

Kretzschmar, J.; Strobel, A.; Haubitz, T.; Drobot, B.; Steudtner, R.; Barkleit, A.; Brendler, V.; Stumpf, T.

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Thermodynamic and structural studies on the Ln(III)/An(III) malate complexation

Taube, F.; Drobot, B.; Roßberg, A.; Foerstendorf, H.; Acker, M.; Patzschke, M.; Trumm, M.; Taut, S.; Stumpf, T.

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Multidentate extracting agents based on calix[4]arene scaffold – UVI/EuIII separation studies

Bauer, A.; Jäschke, A.; Shams Aldin Azzam, S.; Glasneck, F.; Ullmann, S.; Kersting, B.; Brendler, V.; Schmeide, K.; Stumpf, T.

Stability of U(VI) doped calcium silicate hydrate gel in repository-relevant brines studied by leaching experiments and spectroscopy

Wolter, J.-M.; Schmeide, K.; Weiss, S.; Bok, F.; Brendler, V.; Stumpf, T.