A surprising phenomenon of impurity gettering away from RP, namely in regions significantly deeper than RP and formation of a separate Cu gettering band therein. We call this phenomenon the "Trans-RP Effect" (Figure). The size of the defects present in this layer is, as in the case of RP/2 Effect, below the resolution limit of TEM. We suggest that they are small interstitial clusters [5].

Fig. 3
Comparison between the SIMS profiles of gettered Cu for the two types of annealing, RTA of 900°C, 30 s and FA of 900°C, 30 min for 3.5 MeV, 5´ 1014 cm- 2 P implants.


[5] Y.M. Gueorguiev, R. Kögler, A. Peeva, D. Panknin, A. Mücklich, R.A. Yankov, and W. Skorupa,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 75, 3467 (1999)