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  • My research is focused on the electronic and optical properties of semiconductors and semiconductor nanostructures, mainly using ultrafast and THz spectroscopy. An important device for our research is the free-electron laser FELBE at HZDR.
  • Other interests: THz emitters and detectors, intersubband transitions, silicon photonics, magnetic semiconductors.
  • Author or co-author of over  >500 publications, >10,000 citations, Hirsch Index 51 (Google Scholar 61).
  • A full publication list (ordered chronologically or according to citations) can be found in my  ResearcherID. This is my Google Scholar account. Some recent and important publications can be found below.


  • Every winter term: Vorlesung  Semiconductor Quantum Structures, Di. 5.DS,  REC B214 (third year Bachelor, or Master).
  • For other teaching activities, please check „Lehre“
  • Topics for Bachelor, Master, and PhD theses can be found here.

Brief CV

1978-1983 Physics studies at the University of Innsbruck, Austria
1983-1987 Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Innsbruck, Austria
1987 - 1990 Researcher at Bellcore in Red Bank, NJ, USA
1990 - 2000 Institut für Halbleiterphysik, University of Linz, Austria
1993 Habilitation
1997 Associate Professor
Since 2000 Director of the Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research (HZDR) and Full Professor at the Institute for Applied Physics at the TU Dresden

Other activities

  • Fritz Kohlrausch Award of the Austrian Physical Society (1992)
  • Erich Schmid Award for Solid State Physics of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (1995)
  • Kardinal-Innitzer-Förderungspreis für Naturwissenschaften (1996)
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) (2023)
Visiting appointments & guest professorships
  • UCSB, Santa Barbara (1996), University of Tokyo (1999), Princeton University (2002), Université Paris VII (2005), Osaka University (2008)
Conference Chair

Some recent publications:


Shuyu Wen, M. Saif Shaikh, O. Steuer, S. Prucnal, J. Grenzer, R. Hübner, M. Turek, K. Pyszniak, S. Reiter, I. Fischer, Y. Georgiev, M. Helm, Shaoteng Wu, Jun-Wei Luo, Shengqiang Zhou, Y. Berencén:
“Room-temperature extended short-wave infrared GeSn photodetector realized by ion beam techniques”
Appl. Phys Lett. 123, 081109 (2023)

Fangchao Long, M. Ghorbani-Asl, K. Mosina, Yi Li, Kaiman Lin, F. Ganss, R. Hübner, Z. Sofer, F. Dirnberger, A. Kamra, A. V. Krasheninnikov, S. Prucnal, M. Helm, Shengqiang Zhou:
"Ferromagnetic interlayer coupling in CrSBr crystals irradiated by ions"
Nano Lett. 23, 8468 (2023)

M. Helm, S. Winnerl, A. Pashkin, J. M. Klopf, J.-C. Deinert, S. Kovalev, P. Evtushenko, U. Lehnert, R. Xiang, A. Arnold, A. Wagner, S. M. Schmidt, U. Schramm, T. Cowan & P. Michel:
"The ELBE infrared and THz facility at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf"
The European Physical Journal Plus 138, 158 (2023)

H. Arora, Z. Fekri, Y. N. Vekariya, P. Chava, K, Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, M. Helm, A. Erbe:
“Fully Encapsulated and Stable Black Phosphorus Field-Effect Transistors”
Advanced Materials Technologies 8, 2200546 (2023)


M. Hollenbach, N. Klingner, N.S. Jagtap, L. Bischoff, C. Fowley, U. Kentsch, G. Hlawacek, A. Erbe, N.V. Abrosimov, M. Helm, Y. Berencén, G.V. Astakhov:
“Wafer-scale nanofabrication of telecom single-photon emitters in silicon”
Nature Communications 13, 7683 (2022)

A. Echresh, S. Prucnal, Zichao Li, R. Hübner, F. Ganss, O. Steuer, F. Bärwolf, S. Jazavandi Ghamsari, M. Helm, Shengqiang Zhou, A. Erbe, L. Rebohle, Y. M. Georgiev:
„Fabrication of Highly n-Type-Doped Germanium Nanowires and Ohmic Contacts Using Ion Implantation and Flash Lamp Annealing”
ACS Appl. Electron. Mater. 4, 5256 (2022)

T. Venanzi, M. Selig, A. Pashkin, S. Winnerl, M. Katzer, H. Arora, A. Erbe, A. Patanè, Z. R. Kudrynskyi, Z. D. Kovalyuk, L. Baldassarre, A. Knorr, M. Helm, H. Schneider:
“Terahertz control of photoluminescence emission in few-layer InSe”
Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 092104 (2022)

A. Seidl, R. Anvari, M. M. Dignam, P. Richter, Th. Seyller, H. Schneider, M. Helm, S. Winnerl:
„Pump-induced terahertz anisotropy in bilayer graphene“
Phys. Rev. B 105, 085404 (2022)

Juanmei Duan, P. Chava, M. Ghorbani-Asl, Y.F. Lu, D. Erb, L. Hu, A. Echresh, L. Rebohle, A. Erbe, A. V. Krasheninnikov, M. Helm, Yu-Jia Zeng, S.Q. Zhou, S. Prucnal:
“Self-Driven Broadband Photodetectors Based on MoSe2/FePS3 van der Waals n–p Type-II Heterostructures”
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14, 11927 (2022)

Mao Wang, Ye Yu, S. Prucnal, Y. Berencén, M. S. Shaikh, L. Rebohle, M. B. Khan, V. Zviagin, R. Hübner, A. Pashkin, A. Erbe, Y. M. Georgiev, M. Grundmann, M. Helm, R. Kirchner, S. Q. Zhou:
“Mid- and far-infrared localized surface plasmon resonances in chalcogen-hyperdoped silicon”
Nanoscale 14, 2826 (2022)


L. Balaghi, S. Shan, I. Fotev, F. Moebus, R. Rana, T. Venanzi, R. Hübner, T. Mikolajick, H. Schneider, M. Helm, A. Pashkin, E. Dimakis:
„High electron mobility in strained GaAs nanowires”
Nature Communications 12, 6642 (2021)

R. Rana, J. M. Klopf, C. Ciano, A. Singh, S. Winnerl, H. Schneider, M. Helm, A. Pashkin:
“Gold implanted germanium photoswitch for cavity dumping of a free-electron laser”
Appl. Phys. Lett. 118, 011107 (2021)

T. Venanzi, M. Selig, S. Winnerl, A. Pashkin, A. Knorr, M. Helm, H. Schneider:
“Terahertz induced energy transfer from hot carriers to trions in a MoSe2 monolayer”
ACS Photonics 8, 2931 (2021)

Juanmei Duan, P. Chava, M. Ghorbani-Asl, D. Erb, Liang Hu, A. V. Krasheninnikov, H. Schneider, L. Rebohle, A. Erbe1, M. Helm, Yu-Jia Zeng, Shengqiang Zhou, S. Prucnal:
“Enhanced trion emission in monolayer MoSe2 by constructing a type-I van der Waals heterojunction”
Advanced Functional Materials 31, 2104960 (2021)

S. Prucnal, A. Hashemi, M. Ghorbani-Asl, R. Hübner, Juanmei Duan, Yidan Wei, D. Sharma, D.R.T. Zahn, R. Ziegenrücker, U. Kentsch, A. V. Krasheninnikov, M. Helm, S.Q. Zhou:
“Chlorine doping of MoSe2 flakes by ion implantation”
Nanoscale 13, 5834 (2021)  

Zichao Li, Yufang Xie, Ye Yuan, Yanda Ji, V. Begeza, Lei Cao, R. Hübner, L. Rebohle, M. Helm, K. Nielsch, S. Prucnal, S.Q. Zhou:
“Phase Selection in Mn–Si Alloys by Fast Solid‐State Reaction with Enhanced Skyrmion Stability”
Advanced Functional Materials 31, 2009723 (2021)

K. Schultheiss, N. Sato, P. Matthies, L. Körber, K. Wagner, T. Hula, O. Gladii, J. E. Pearson, A. Hoffmann, M. Helm, J. Fassbender, H. Schultheiss:
“Time refraction of spin waves”
Physical Review Letters 126, 137201 (2021)


Mao Wang, E. García-Hemme, Y. Berencén, R. Hübner, Yufang Xie, L. Rebohle, Chi Xu, H. Schneider, M. Helm, S.Q. Zhou:
„Silicon-based Intermediate-band Infrared Photodetector realized by Te Hyperdoping”
Advanced Optical Materials 9, 2001546 (2020)

J. Schmidt, S. Winnerl, E. Dimakis, R. Hübner, H. Schneider, M. Helm:
“All-THz pump-probe spectroscopy of the intersubband AC-Stark effect in a wide GaAs quantum well”
Optics Express 28, 25358 (2020)

M. Hollenbach, Y. Berencén, U. Kentsch, M. Helm, G. Astakhov:
“Engineering telecom single-photon emitters in silicon for scalable quantum photonics”
Optics Express 28, 26111 (2020)

R. Rana, L. Balaghi, I. Fotev, H. Schneider, M. Helm, E. Dimakis, A. Pashkin:
“Nonlinear Charge Transport in InGaAs Nanowires at Terahertz Frequencies”
Nano Lett. 20, 3225 (2020)

T. Venanzi, H. Arora, S. Winnerl, A. Pashkin, P. Chava, A. Patanè, Z. D. Kovalyuk, Z. R. Kudrynskyi, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, A. Erbe, M. Helm, H. Schneider:
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Phys. Rev. Materials 4, 044001 (2020)

A. Singh, A. Pashkin, S. Winnerl, M. Welsch, C. Beckh, P. Sulzer, A. Leitenstorfer, M. Helm, H. Schneider:
Up to 70 THz bandwidth from an implanted Ge photoconductive antenna excited by a femtosecond Er:fibre laser
Light: Science & Applications 9, 30 (2020)


D. B. But, M. Mittendorff, C. Consejo, F. Teppe, N. N. Mikhailov, S. A. Dvoretskii, C. Faugeras, S. Winnerl, M. Helm, W. Knap, M. Potemski, M. Orlita:
“Suppressed Auger scattering and tunable light emission of Landau-quantized massless Kane electrons”
Nature Photonics 13,783 (2019)

L. Balaghi, G. Bussone, R. Grifone, R. Hübner, J. Grenzer, M. Ghorbani-Asl, A. V. Krasheninnikov, H. Schneider, M. Helm, E. Dimakis:
“Widely tunable GaAs band gap via strain engineering in core/shell nanowires with large lattice mismatch”
Nature Communications 10, 2793 (2019)

H. Arora, Y. Jung, T. Venanzi, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, R. Hübner, H. Schneider, M. Helm, J. C. Hone, A. Erbe:
„Effective Hexagonal Boron Nitride Passivation of Few-Layered InSe and GaSe to Enhance Their Electronic and Optical Properties”
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 46 (2019)

Mao Wang, A. Debernardi, Y. Berencén, R. Heller, Chi Xu, Ye Yuan, Yufang Xie, R. Böttger, L. Rebohle, W. Skorupa, M. Helm, S. Prucnal, S.Q. Zhou:
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Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 054039 (2019)


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J. Braun, H. Schneider, M. Helm, R. Mirek, L.A. Boatner, R.E. Marvel, R.F. Haglund Jr., A. Pashkin: 
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Symmetry-Breaking Supercollisions in Landau-Quantized Graphene
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